Mom makes son a man


I started noticing that Tim, around age 16, would sport a tent in his shorts during sexy movie scenes. His mom noticed too and would look at me with a sexy smile. She would then start a slow tease by

I now own this slut, part 7

Big Cock

Yes, as she toyed with my soft curly pubes, it was becoming more and more obvious that her fingers were lingering just a little too long between my legs."Ah, excuse me" I questioned her "What are you.

Very first time my wife was shared


I had a friend that worked with me many years ago we will call him Mark.Mark lived in Indiana and all our work was in Illinois so after a few weeks of him driving back and forth I told him you know th

A Slave’s Tale 5.


As I came out of the bathroom freshly bathed and dried a voice called up the stairs.“Breakfast in ten minutes, Mistress.”Magda had obviously heard the shower going and had assumed I was up. I called b

Going deep

Big Cock

I had met Carol and Russ through a swinger site a few weeks before. They are about 25 years older than me but that is what really turned me on to them. That and Carol liked to be fucked by two men. Si

Woken by gf and hot stripper friend


I would usually pick her up from her shift at the club at around 3am Sunday mornings, but I had arranged to work this particular Sunday and said she would have to find her own way home and try not to

Enjoying a live show


We spent a good time with them and one of these days we passed a place in the red light district, showing a flashing sign saying “live sex show”. My sexy wife was a bit intrigued and she asked me to g

Mom & Sister


Unfortunately, Stella had to move – she was married to a Military guy – and I thought that all that fun was over: fortunately, I could not be more wrong! My sister was depressed, she missed her friend

Extreme Cuckold (by jdubzphx161 on literotica)


"So this is what your into when I'm not looking?""I'm sorry babe. It's nothing personal, it just gets me really turned on.""So you basically picture me, being fucked by someone else!""Babe, it's just

Comforting My Sister


That was 20 years ago. I am now 20 years old and Leigha is 19. Mom died a few years ago as a result of breast cancer and the three of us - Dad, Leigha, and me - all live together. Dad is an attorney s

BJ at music festival

Girl Masturbating

About 3yr ago I was at a music festival in Sydney and had a great experience that I will share with you now.I will try to keep it short. I was dancing in front of the main stage with my friends (2male

Normal Times


Friend’s Wedding: First part of last month The Woman Who Married me and HER Real Man went to a wedding. It was HIS friend’s wedding in Jamaica. There had to be a big cover story and the fact that SHE

Introducing anal to my mom


I had crazy school work the next day so I tried to ignore my mom so I could get my school work done. It wasn't easy. She looked at me often, with a sly smile, during dinner and again, her wearing a ti

Suzy's Story - Part 4

Big Tits

Over the next few days my imagination ran riot. I found myself thinking about what the various men had said about what turned them on, and discussions about their relationships with their wives and th

Taking My Daughter in the Car


It all started last week when I was driving my daughter home from cheerleading practice. It had already gotten dark by the time practice had finished and after waiting outside the school, my little gi

Mein dominanter Gay-Freund (1) - Kennenlernen


Ich hatte ihn über einen Gay-Chat im Internet kennengelernt. Ich war dort regelmäßig unterwegs, vor allem weil es mich sehr erregte, vor anderen Männern mit der Webcam zu wichsen. Wie auch schon beim

WTF Birth Control Pills I had a Vasectomy

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Our sex life is poor; we have sex 2 or 3 times a month and I usually cum quickly and Becky fakes her orgasms, I know she got a vibrator to satisfy her needs. I buy all the bras and panties for Becky,

A Lesson in Sex (A Futanari Story) PART 1


Bianca looked up from her book to gaze around the almost empty library. A young couple sat giggling in the corner, occasionally whispering something to each other. An older woman examined several book

The Bosses Daughter


The pressure was intense. The strain was approaching extreme. The tension had to find its release.Well work is actually very like sex. Though it’s hard to get sex on the job usually, especially an all

My Obsession with Exhibitionism


My bedroom had sliding patio doors for the only window in the room. I had regular curtains with one of those translucent inner curtains. The see through part was the only part closed. At the time the

Cuckold Love

Old & Young

A simple fantasy inspired by a Cuckold Couple that I know........ To say that she is a Beauty is an understatement. A mature “eye catcher, head turner”, who has no idea that she is as appealing as ot

iCarly: iCan't Do This - Chapter 5


I'm outside Carly's door, fumbling at the lock. I don't know what time it is – so late that it's early probably, and I can't find the key and I feel like hitting the stupid door but I'm so weak. I mak

Groping In Train


This is Nikila here again with a very current event happened in my life. For people who don’t know me I am Nikila I am a house wife who feel like enjoying life at the fullest. I don’t want to loose ev

our trip to Jamaica - pt 2


At the same time Jay began telling me about the first time Gordon had fucked Karen. Jays description was very explicit. At one point he told me how he had gotten so excited that he had gone down on Ka

My little pervert PT 2 (pt 1 isn't necessiary


My pervert $onMy s(o)n fucked me almost every time he had a hardon. Even though it is wrong I enjoyed being dominated and fucked almost in every position Johnny wanted to take me. I was beginning to w

Bar Trap 2 (Part time whore)


I was supposed to put on heavy makeup. Starting with the foundation, I applied a generous layer of a brand especially designed for the use on stage, that did a very good job covering up any dark shado

Улётная встреча!


Всё, что нас не убивает, делает сильнее, а воспоминания - более яркими.Это произошло случайно. Послу универа я попал в крупную финансовую организацию, разумеется, пополнив нижние ряды офисного планкто