A Night At The Lakehouse

"What do I do?" I muttered to myself. Sarah was taking a few days at the lake house while I finished the remodel of our master bath at home. When a few of the guys from work offered to help out we got it done much faster than expected. "Well the surprise wasn't wasted" I chuckled. It was supposed to be a surprise for her not me. Here she was, my shy little wife eating pussy like a pro. Sarah lifted her head for a moment, the sweat and pussy juice dripped from her nose and chin. She said something to Caroline and they both laughed. "Fucking high efficiency windows!" I thought to myself. Caroline arched her back as she climaxed, her chest rose and fell causing her triple D breasts to heave. She quivered and her already erect nipples grew harder and larger. Sarah didn't slow her movements until Caroline's supple thighs held her head in a vise like grip. Sarah slowly pried herself from Caroline's grip. Her gorgeous body glistened with sweat, her own D cup breasts, perfectly tanned. Her erect nipples, her perfect ass. She was a goddess in my eyes. I couldn't see what she was up too from my perch. Caroline was sitting on the edge of the bed. She too was quite something to look at. Small waist, curvy ass and huge tits. At around 5'9" she dwarfed Sarah's 5'2" frame. As Sarah came back into view I could see she had brought with her one of her favourite toys. A large black dildo I bought her last year. Caroline jumped up, took the toy from Sarah's hand and pushed her facedown onto the bed. In one motion she Caroline lifted Sarah's hips, thrust the toy into Sarah's soaking pussy and drove her tongue deep into Sarah's asshole. My cock was throbbing, my balls were tight and aching. Sarah's hips bucked as Caroline tongue fucked her ass, the large toy wedged deep into her dripping cunt slipping deeper with each movement. "Fuck! What should I do?" I asked myself. On the one hand if I were to let myself in, the events may cease. "I don't want that!" But they may invite me to join.... "I watch too much porn" I thought. That doesn't happen in real life. Of course neither do the events unfolding before my eyes. I pulled my cock from my shorts, the cool summer breeze off the lake felt nice on my steel hard erection. I had no sooner taken my rod in hand, when Caroline turned Sarah onto her back. Her legs spread wide, I couldn't see what was taking place as well as I would have liked but I knew where that big silicone cock was being stuffed now. Sarah winced a little and bit down on her lip, her manicured nails scrunched the duvet as Caroline worked the toy into my wife's asshole. She licked and sucked on Sarah's clit and labia while she fucked my queens asshole. I was in a state of sheer euphoria, stroking my precum slickend cock slowly up and down the 9" length. I was ready to cum when I caught a glimpse of a shadow on the wall behind these two beauties. Before I could comprehend what was going on Caroline was impaled with one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. A muscled, tanned Herculean man grasped her hips and thrust his cock into her waiting cunt. Three more men entered the room, and before I knew it Sarah had one of their cocks in her throat, not just in her mouth but rammed deep into her throat. The other two, well built black men pinned her down as Caroline continued to lap at Sarah's wet honey hole. The look of fear on my wife's face only added to my own arousal. "She obviously didn't know this was on the menu..." I grinned. Caroline's hands were pulled back over her ass while Adonis pounded her from behind. The man fucking my wife's throat wasn't wasting any time. He fucked her mouth and throat like you would any two dollar whore. The tears streamed down her face. In the attempt to breathe around the invader ravaging her air way, one of the black men relaxed his grip on her arm and removed himself from the bed. Caroline was pulled away from the sweet pussy she had been so happily eating. The man pounding Sarah's throat tensed and pulled her onto his cock, his huge balls resting on her chin. Her eyes widened as he unloaded his seed into her throat. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she was released from his softening cock. She lay limp for a moment as she was repositioned so she was on her knees, her face positioned for the next cock. She came too just in time to realize what was about to take place. Her head was pulled onto the waiting cock as another was thrust balls deep into her sopping cunt. Caroline was now on her knees sucking the cock that had been mercilessly fucking her while she stroked the cock that had just ravaged Sarah's throat. I couldn't take it, I unloaded my cock right there on the daffodils. I kept stroking as I watched through the glass. Caroline sucking on this massive cock, her lips stretched to fit the head alone in her mouth. He unloaded a huge load onto her face and tits, it dripped onto her thighs, it was in her hair, her nose, her eyes. "Holy fuck!" I laughedShe was given a hard slap across cum covered face and her mouth was again filled with the same cock that had been in my own wife's throat. He turned and watched as Sarah was fucked in her tight pussy, her head being lifted so the 10" cock in her mouth would almost exit her lips before being thrusted back down on his manhood. Her mouth was ravaged for many minutes more before the massive cock was removed entirely from her beautiful lips, thick streams of cum shot onto her face, in her eyes, in her nose. Like a firehose the white fluid erupted. Covering her face completely. Bubbles formed at her nostrils as the hot jizz poured down her face. Caroline was thrown onto the bed beside my sweet Sarah one of the men pointed and laughed as another took her by the hair and pushed her face to Sarah's. She licked and sucked the cum from her face. It was then that Hercules himself positioned now behind my wife, reached down with his huge hands and plunged his enormous cock into my wife's tight asshole. Her face twisted in pain as she was pounded mercilessly in both her cunt and asshole. Caroline too was receiving a good anal pounding. The two whores were fucked raw, cocks deep in their assholes and still one in my wife's pussy. One lodged deep in Caroline's throat. The scene before me lasted for an eternity as the men filled their respective holes with their spunk. They ensured the sluts before them cleaned their cocks throughly before leaving the room. Sarah lay in a fetal position on the bed, for a moment she looked peaceful. I could see the cum leaking from her asshole. Caroline once again rolled Sarah onto her back, straddled her face and as I watched, she spread her reddened cunt lips and allowed a torrent of cum to pour into Sarah's open mouth. She rode Sarah's face while she firmly laid a series of well placed slaps onto Sarah's ravaged pussy. Each time Sarah attempted to close her legs Caroline would push them apart and spank her cunt again and again. I saw the four men walk down the path to the lake, the roar of a boat motor pierced the silence of nature. Caroline removed herself from Sarah's face, leaned down and kissed her glistening lips and walked into the washroom. Sarah lay motionless on the bed sobbing. "Fuck it!" I said outloud as I walked to the front door and walked in. Removing my clothes as I closed the door behind me. I casually walked into the bedroom just as Caroline found her way back into the bedroom after cleaning up. The look of terror on her face was priceless. I grabbed her by the throat, just hard enough for her to understand I meant business, pushed her to her knees and stuffed my engorged cock down her freshly fucked throat. She gagged as I drove my cock balls deep into her whore mouth. Sarah turned towards the sounds, as she focused she pursed her lips to speak but no sounds came from her ravaged throat. "You cheating whore," I muttered "go clean up slut, you're next!"A wave of terror flushed her cum soaked face. Sarah did as she was told and retreated to the washroom. Caroline continued to gag on my cock as I held her head still with one hand. My cock lodged in her throat, my other hand pinching her nose so she had no choice but to breathe around the invader wedged in her throat. I fucked her mouth and throat for several minutes before I roughly pulled her off my cock and flung her body onto the floor. I walked from the room and rummaged through a box in the spare room. Returning to the bedroom Caroline's eyes widened as soon as she saw the rope in my hand. She tried to scramble to her feet to no avail, in seconds she was properly hogtied. Sarah entered the room from the washroom, freshly showered the water droplets falling from her long hair onto her perfect tits. Seeing Caroline bound on the floor she smiled uncontrollably. "Yes my little slut, she's all yours. Do as you will!"I told Sarah. Caroline begged and pleaded as Sarah slowly approached her, in one motion she swooped her hand out, grabbed the huge black dildo and rammed its full 16" length into Caroline's bowels. I've never heard such a howl from any creature let alone human. Sarah pulled it back out roughly, a pop was heard as the head slipped from her battered asshole. Then again, holding the massive toy with both hands she thrust it back into Caroline's body. With each thrust the same howl, when Sarah was satisfied Caroline had learned who was now the alpha, Sarah stood and walked casually to the dresser, opened a drawer and removed a roll of duct tape. In a flash she was standing back over Caroline. She pulled out a 12" strip of tape, ripped it from the roll and reached under Caroline attaching the tape to her smooth pubic mound, pulling it tightly up and around the dildo still stuffed in her ass Sarah stuck the other end to Caroline's back. A few more strips later there was no chance the toy would be able to slide from her asshole. Sarah flipped Caroline onto her back and sat squarely on her face. Caroline's body writhed as she tried to find a breath. Sarah rode her face twisting Caroline's large nipples, tearing at her huge tits as she ground her cunt into Caroline's mouth and nose. I watched the spectacle unfolding in front of me. Watching my once sweet innocent wife transition into a sexual deviant. Sarah unleashed all her rage onto Caroline. As if possessed by the devil himself. She rode this bitches face until she had lost all of her fight. Caroline laid still while Sarah clawed at her flesh, squeezed and tore at her tits, pinched and twisted her nipples. The only time Caroline reacted to the onslaught was when Sarah placed her cunt back over Caroline's mouth and nose holding the sweet oxygen hostage. The sun was coming up over the lake by the time Sarah was done with Caroline. She removed the bindings, ripped the duct tape from her body causing the dildo to be yanked from her asshole. She winced in pain as it was. Sarah then ordered her to shower. Sarah came to my side, and began to speak as I gazed out the bay window. The still water mirrored the expression on my face. "You're a cheating whore" I calmly spoke to her"I...I...it was only supposed to be Caroline," she whispered, "I didn't know...""Whore" I cut her off mid sentence. "You are a whore, a dirty fucking whore!" Calmly I said. Sarah put her head down in shame, I lifted her lightly by her chin and looked into her eyes. Tears welled up in her beautiful blue eyes. With the lightest touch I pushed her to her knees. "Suck whore!" I saidShe opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked my cock slowly, inch by inch she took all 9" into her throat, her tongue licked my balls as she did. Caroline returned from the washroom. Her huge tits showing the signs of the earlier treatment. Her face red, she didn't speak. Sarah removed my cock from her sweet mouth only long enough to instruct Caroline to eat my asshole. She did as she was told with no hesitation. The two whores worked my cock to the point my balls ached for release. Both of these whores moved into position on the bed, a beautiful big titted 69. I fucked both of them ensuring as I was finished with each hole the waiting mouth cleaned my cock off before I entered the next. Finally I could take no more, I unloaded a tsunami of spunk onto Sarah's asshole and swollen cunt while Caroline lapped it up. I collapsed onto the bed, both of my freshly ravaged whores licked and sucked my cock and balls clean as i drifted off into a dream world. I returned to reality with the smell of coffee and bacon. In the kitchen were both Sarah and Caroline, both still naked. They served me like proper whores should. Caroline has since left her husband and moved in with Sarah and myself. She is Sarah's property now and Sarah is mine making them both my whores. Most times I keep them to myself, but from time to time, I hold pay for play parties to supplement my retirement income.... small parities no more than 20-25 men at a time. Don't want to wear out the merchandise.