Down on Little River

I was wearing a pair of soft, gray jogging shorts, a tee shirt and sandals. Over one shoulder hung a large beach towel that flopped about as I walked. I was looking forward to seeking out my favorite set of rocks and doing a bit of sun bathing. A couple of other cars had already been parked along the quiet country road and my pulse increased at the possibilities the day (and the owners of those cars) might hold. As luck would have it, however, while I saw a couple of towels spread out on the first set of rocks, their owners were no where to be seen. The rocks I liked to lie upon soon came into view and in moments I was spreading my beach towel upon their smooth surface. I pulled the tee shirt over my head, stepped out of my sandals and, with a shiver of delight, pulled my gray shorts off. I stood completely nude just enjoying the feel of the summer air on my naked flesh. While I'm no body builder, I do have great legs and a softly rounded ass. I stand a couple of inches over six feet and weigh about two hundred five pounds. My hair is brown and my eyes are hazel. I have a six inch erection that is a good four inches in circumference. I keep my bush trimmed short with the hair around my balls and ass shaved completely off which all of my lovers have found to be quite sexy. I love having sex whenever and wherever possible and this was one of my favorite spots to engage in outdoor sex. After stretching a moment in the dappled sunlight I dropped onto the towel and lay back. The river murmured softly and I soon found myself nodding off. Sometime later I woke to the sound of footsteps nearby. Looking up I saw a man dressed in slacks and a sports shirt standing next to me. I smiled and he walked around and sat beside me. I moved up onto one elbow and we talked small talk for a while. I could see him stealing glances at my naked body and my dick stirred under his gaze but he seemed interested only in looking and didn't once question me about my nudity. After a couple of minutes of talking I lay back and shut my eyes. He continued his chatting and edged closer to my nearly hairless thighs. I felt him finally touch me casually near my knee. His hand moved away then brushed against me again, this time higher up my thigh. I smiled to myself. He began to get bolder as I did not respond negatively to his "accidental" touches and finally openly caressed my thigh. His hand trembled as it moved higher over the tender softness of my inner thigh. I moved my right leg closer to him, the movement spreading my legs farther apart. He responded by slipping his hand up until he touched my shaved balls. I felt my dick thicken and lengthen with growing lust. He continued his caressing until he finally cupped my balls in his hand then moved upwards to wrap his fingers around my hardening cock. I moaned and opened my eyes. Looking down I saw him bend over and slip the swelling head of my dick between his lips. I moaned louder as I felt his hot mouth slide down my meat. His tongue swirled over the sensitive surface of my rod as my hips rose on their own to push my hardon deeper into his mouth. His teeth lightly sc****d along my tube of lust until his lips came to rest at the very root of my erection and I could feel the spongy soft head being squeezed by his throat muscles. His tongue slipped past his lips and licked my balls with my erection totally encased in his hungry mouth. I shuddered with pleasure. His head began to rise and I watched as my wet meat slipped out from the depths of his mouth. When his lips were just below the swollen crown of my cock he stopped and sucked firmly on my throbbing manhood. I moaned in response and lifted my hips upwards, offering my masculinity to him freely. Once again his mouth slid down my meat until this time his nose was buried between my balls. Precum began to ooze from the head of my dick and mix with his saliva. He began to move his mouth eagerly up and down my rod in a steady pumping motion. My entire body shook with pleasure as he sucked me. His tongue lashed over the sensitive skin of my hardon, paying particular attention to the edges of the spongy, soft head of my dick. Lust swept over me as he nursed the cum up from my balls and into the root of my obscenely swollen rod. I was hoping he would strip as naked as I, but he seemed only interested in sucking my prick so I lay back and allowed him to hungrily devour my meat. He moved down between my legs and I raised them to caress his head with the softness of my inner thighs. My toes were pointed over his back as the pleasure spread from my groin throughout my body. His hands cupped the sweet swell of my ass to pull me further into the hot depths of his mouth. My breath was coming in pants as I felt cum flooding up from my balls to fill the root of my dick, making my erection swell even harder. Precum ran in a steady stream from my cock as I felt his tongue press from the root of my hardon to its tip on each upward stroke. My balls were tightening in their sack as the urge to cum grew more and more intense with each up and down movement of his head and the sweet suction of his mouth around my meat. He sensed my growing desire to shoot off in a ball draining orgasm and began to move even more quickly up and down my dick. I watched my cock as it disappeared into his nursing mouth then reappeared wet and shiny with his saliva and my flowing juices. My heels were crossed over his back as my toes curled in response to the pleasure that rushed over me in wave after wave of lust. I began to fuck his mouth, my hips moving involuntarily up and down and my erection grew harder with each thrust. He never slowed sucking me for a moment and seemed only to want to hasten my orgasm to completion. "You're going to make me cum!" I finally moaned as I felt my desire rapidly approaching the point of no return. "I'm going to cum now!" I warned him again between gasps as the urge grew to unstoppable porportions. My dick swelled unbelievably hard as I teetered on the edge of orgasm. As he sucked me deeply into his throat I felt my cock suddenly jerk uncontrollably and the first squirts of cum exploded from my balls. Thick gobs of cream spurted from my hardon into his nursing mouth. I saw him gulp as he swallowed my sweet jism. Again and again my dick throbbed as my hot cum shot out to be eagerly eaten by my newest lover. My entire body heaved and shook as the orgasm took me. My legs held his head as I humped my meat even more deeply into his mouth until my creaming finally began to ease and slow to a trickle. One last spurt and I collapsed beneath his nursing mouth, my thighs dropping to the towel on either side of his body. He held me deep in his hot maw and continued to suck until the last drop of cum oozed from my slowly shrinking meat. Finally he eased his head up and I shook uncontrollably once more as the now super sensitive head of my dick slid past his lips. He kissed my still trembling thighs then smiled up at me. I was totally spent and could only lie there helplessly as he simply said "Thanks. Your cum is sweet." Without another word he got up and headed back up the river. Before he was out of sight I had fallen into a contented post-orgasmic dream like state. I don't know how much time had passed when I woke. Someone was sitting next to me. I sat up and saw that it was a nude young man. He was about my height though perhaps a few pounds lighter. What immediately caught my eyes, however, was his dick. He was absently stroking an enormous hardon. It had to have been at least ten inches long, if not more, and proportionally thick. It swelled up from the light hair of his groin and arced towards his lean belly in an obscene display of hard manhood. My hand seemed to move on its own and he released his meat as my fingers replaced his, wrapping around the smooth, firm flesh. He lay back as I began pumping slowly up and down his hardon. I was entranced by the way the flesh pulled up slightly over the bobby-cap shaped, spongy head of his dick on each upward stroke. I could barely get my fingers around his lust swollen cock. It was by far the biggest prick I'd ever touched. I squeezed on his rod and felt it pulse in response. My mouth was half open with disbelief at the size of his rod; my tongue swirled over my lips. I lowered my head and gently kissed the spongy soft head of his dick. It surged beneath my fingers pushing up to press against my wet lips. My mouth parted and the head of his hardon slipped into me. I had to stretch my lips to encase his throbbing manhood. He moaned as my tongue swirled over the sensitive flesh at the crown of his cockhead. I moved down until his prick was in my throat and at least half his meat was still outside my eagerly seeking mouth. I felt his hands caress my back, move to my thighs, then reach around to cup the softly swollen cheeks of my round ass. His dick swelled harder as one of his hands probed deeply into the cleft of my thighs and a finger slowly massaged my puckered asshole. A shiver of lust ran through my body as I realized what he wanted from me. I shivered a second time as I discovered that I, too, desperately wanted to have his huge meat fucking deeply into my ass. I'd been screwed by a number of men but had never had a hardon anywhere near this large stuffed into my belly. Desire mixed with slight fear swept over me at the thought of how it would feel to have his dick pushed up into my bowels. Could I possibly take so much manhood into my tight asshole? His meat throbbed in my throat as I began to move back up the swollen tube and I tasted the first of his precum as it seeped out. I paused with just his cockhead in my mouth and lapped up his juice with my tongue. Then I released his hardon from my mouth and began to lick around his erection until it was covered wetly and glistened with my saliva from the softly swollen bobby cap shaped head down to his heavy, lightly haired balls. He realized that I was lubricating his meat as best I could and, when I moved to all fours in front of him, he immediately moved to a kneeling positon and crawled between my widely spread thighs. His hardon bobbed obscenely and bounced against my inner thighs as he moved closer to me. I quivered with wanton delight at opening my most secret, most private and hidden flesh to his hungry gaze. He bent down and I moaned as I felt his tongue rimming my asshole to further lubricate me. Shivers ran through my body as he licked my hole. I could feel his tongue slip slightly into me and my hips arched upwards to further open myself up to him. After a couple of moments he replaced his tongue with the fat head of his dick. He rubbed the swollen, spongy, soft head over my asshole smearing more precum around my crack. I moaned with pleasure then gasped as I felt him push his thick cock forward. He paused a moment with the head of his dick firmly lodged against my relatively tiny, puckered hole then leaned over and whispered, "Are you sure you want me to do this? It's kinda big and you seem awfully tight already...." I looked back at him and nodded my head in affirmation, then, holding my breath, I pushed back at his hardon with my hips leaving no question about my desires for him to penetrate me with his enormous erection. Slowly but with lust driven determination he pressed against me as I freely offered my hole to his lude desires. My asshole was pushed inward by the spongy soft, yet thickly hard head, then bit by bit began stretch around his cockhead. The sensations were incredible as I felt my flesh spread and open helplessly before his insistant hardon. His hands held my hips steady as he forced his meat against my anal passage. I realized, with a quiver of fear mixed with lust, that I couldn't stop his **** of my ass now even if I wanted to stop him. He was in total control and nothing I could possibly do could even slow his lustful desire to penetrate me with his swollen dick. My asshole oozed around his dick straining to open up to his lustful desires. Just as I was beginning to think that I couldn't possibly take him, that he was just too big to get inside me, that, in a painful panic, I must somehow try to stop him, I felt the head of his dick suddenly slide into me. A couple of inches of rod immediately followed as my flesh surrendered to his desire and flowed back out over his throbbing manhood, encasing the head and several inches of dick in my most secret flesh. I moaned with pleasure as he paused to allow my hole to adjust to the massive tube of lust that was rammed just a few inches inside the widely stretched entrance to my most tender and forbidden tissues. I had never felt so stretched in every direction by a cock before. I gasped uncontrollably at the incredible sensation of having only a few inches of his massive meat inside me. Still afraid of hurting me he stayed still and unmoving. I felt my tender, obscenely stretched tissues relax and adjust to the huge intruder that had just begun to impale my soft, yeilding, helpless flesh. After a moment I tentatively squeezed down with my inner muscles and felt his dick's return throb in response. I relaxed then squeezed several more times milking his cock with my asshole while, at the same time loosening the inner muscles that were so strained from holding his monstrous cock within me. It was his turn to moan at the sensations my tight asshole were giving the soft bobby cap shaped head of his dick. Several more inches of his erection oozed into me as my ass literally ate its way up his meat with every squeeze and release of my inner sheath. I had worked his tube perhaps halfway into me using only my inner muscles when he began to pull back slightly. My flesh clung possessively to him, reluctant now that he was inside me, to let any portion of him out of my depths, and I could imagine what it looked like as he watched his cock with my clutching flesh clinging around his meat where it obscenely joined my body. He moaned again and suddenly pushed forward, fucking his dick back into me, sinking it deeper than it had been just moments before. My insides quivered with pleasure as they were forced outward in all directions by his throbbing thickness impaling my soft flesh. His rod drove relentlessly into my clutching depths. He began to move up and down my tight passage, going deeper and deeper with each forward thrust. My prostrate sang with pleasure as his huge rod pressed against, then past it further into my soft depths. I began to fuck back at him, aiding him as he shoved more and more of his meat into my clutching, wet hole. The friction was enormously pleasurable and I felt my own dick swelling with lust beneath me as the realizatin that he was truly fucking me and that I, in turn, was loving it, savoring every inch of his manhood plundering my helpless asshole. Deeper and deeper sank his erection until it was probing areas within me that had never been touched before. I arched my back and pushed obscenely up towards his groin. His dick speared so deeply into me that I would not have been surprised to feel its head pressing out from within my heaving belly. Lust swept through my flesh in waves with every thrust of his cock into my asshole. I was consumed by the desire to feel all of his hardon, every throbbing inch of his dick, encased by my softly clutching hole. I obscenely wanted every bit of his obscene lust buried in my hungry depths. Fiercely now he pulled on my hips as I pushed back onto his hardon with all my strength and, with a cry of pleasure from both of us, I felt his cum filled balls bounce against mine while the crinkly hair at the base of his dick pressed firmly against the soft crack of my ass. We paused, with his erection completely buried in my tender flesh, and gloried in the sensations we were giving one another. We were welded together with obscene, taboo lust, our flesh sharing unbelievable pleasure at this forbidden coupling. I knew, as only a man might, how wonderful my tight ass must feel as it gripped his throbbing manhood all the way down to his ball sack. My ass was stuffed with cock and I could almost feel each vein of his rod as it pulsed with lust inside me. I pushed with my inner muscles as though to push him out, then tightened down on his meat with all my might. He groaned and I felt his hardon jerk in response. For a moment I thought he had lost control and was cumming already but, instead, he rubbed his groin against the welcoming softness of my ass and thighs and tried to arch his prick even deeper into me. I thought I would pass out with pleasure. Threads of precum poured from my dick to pool on the towel beneath me. My round, soft ass was pressed tightly against his groin, flattened by his hips pressing as hard against my accepting flesh as possible. He held me that way several minutes, delighting in the feel of his massive manhood buried to the balls into my softly clutching ass, my inner muscles uncontrollably clenching and relaxing around his obscene tube of lust as he rolled it inside me. "Oh fuck!" I heard him gasp. "Damn but that ass feels good!" I could only moan in reply, all my senses centered on the huge tube of obscene lust buried to the hilt in my secret depths. We quivered together our bodies sharing incredible, taboo pleasure. His hands caressed my rounded hips and spread my ass cheeks so as to get a better view of his dick buried in my booty. "God," he said, " You should see this!" I wished I could but gloried in the fact that he was loving the view of my round, soft ass totally encasing his manhood. Finally, almost reluctantly, he began to pull back out inch by glorious inch until only the head was still contained within my sphincter. It felt like my hole was being pulled inside out with his meat as my flesh clung possessively to every inch of his erection, loathe to let any of his rod out of my clutching depths. The friction was an incredible sensation, beyond words. He paused a moment to look down again at the spot where our flesh was obscenely joined, then reversed directions and buried his cock into me with one long, smooth stroke until his groin slammed into my ass and thighs with a loud slap. His balls swung forward and bounced delightfully into mine. I gasped and my body shook with pleasure as he took me like no man had ever taken me, his meat possessing me as I had never been possessed before. I was his totally and he knew it. I was his to plunder, my smooth body helplessly speared on his throbbing, swollen manhood. "Fuck me!" I heard my quivering voice demand. "Oh, fuck me baby! Give it all to me!" He was more than eager to obey my obscene request and began to fuck me in earnest, sometimes pistoning his hardon into me viciously to the root and other times stroking shallowly as my inner muscles milked the head of his dick. He buried his erection in my flesh then twisted his hips so that his cock swirled within me, tumbling all my inner organs with lustful abandon and delighting in my gasps and moans of pleasure. He fucked quick, with short fast humps, then long and deep in slow strokes. I fucked back with all my body, pushing myself onto his rigid pole, delighting in the pleasure I was giving and being given. I was torn between wanting to feel his cum squirting into my hot hole and wanting this fucking to go on for as long as humanly possible. Our bodies were obscenely united by mutual forbidden desire. We both sensed that others might be watching us fuck from hiding places across the river but neither cared. In fact the thought only served to intensify our obscene lust for each other's bodies. Let them watch two people gloriously fucking one another, giving and receiving pleasure they could only wish they could experience! The sensations increased until it was almost as if I was fucking myself. I could feel his cum as it filled the length of his dick and grew to orgasmic proportions. My own cum was bubbling up from my balls to thicken my throbbing cock with each of his thrusts. His balls no longer bounced against mine as both of our sacks were pulled tight against the root of our pricks. The urge to cum was growing more and more intense and I knew that we couldn't continue much longer before the explosion overtook us. As much as we wanted this pleasure to not end the desire to explode in orgasmic ecstasy was too intense to delay much longer. His dick grew incredibly hard, stretching my inner flesh with obscene pleasure, and his fucking became jerky. I heard him grunt, "I'm going to cum... I'm going to fill your tight ass with my cum... I can't wait any longer! I've got to cum in your ass!" He arched his cock into me, grinding his groin into my ass with short humps while pulling my soft hips tightly against himself. I humped back at him and milked his huge hardon with all my inner muscles, urging him wantonly on to orgasm, wanting to feel his seed filling my soft depths. Suddenly I felt his erection begin to jerk uncontrollably and his cum began squirting into the depths of my ass. Spurt after spurt of jism jetted from his throbbing meat, hosing my insides with his juices, and my asshole began to uncontrollably squeeze his manhood as, amazingly, my own orgasm began. Incredibly, I was cumming without my erection ever being touched. Every spurt from my cock caused my ass muscles to involuntarily squeeze tightly down around his dick where he held it buried to the balls in my asshole. Cum shot from my dick to spatter on my belly and drip onto the towel beneath me. I shook with pleasure and couldn't tell which squirts were from his cock and which were from mine. Time stopped while our world became one of incredible orgasmic release. Our bodies were fused with lust as spurt after spurt of cream erupted from our throbbing hardons. He came in me so much that I began to wonder if he were peeing and I could feel his hot, sticky jism filling my pillaged bowels. We grunted our pleasure in unison as our bodies were fused together with obscene lust of the most taboo nature. Finally, our jerking, pulsing bodies slowed as the last of our orgasms faded. Cum covered the towel beneath me and dripped down from my heaving belly, strings hanging from the soft head of my prick. I could feel his hot juice pooling inside me as his dick begin to shrink in my depths and some of the thick wetness began to slide hotly down my quivering thighs as his erection subsided, slowly pulling some of his cum out of my depths as it shrank. His manhood eased gently out of me inch by wet, dripping inch and I heard and felt him shudder as the now super sensitive head of his sated dick finally slipped from my still clutching depths. He fell away from me in exhaustion and I felt his cum ooze out my widely stretched, gaping asshole to run in thick, creamy streams down my shaking thighs. I, too, collapsed, falling onto the towel and into the pool of my own cum. It was several minutes before either of us could get our breath back as we lay there gasping for air in post orgasmic bliss. At last I rolled to one side and smiled at him. "That was wonderful! " I said. "I've never been fucked so well! Your cock is so big, I didn't think I could take it all!" "Thanks," he replied. "You were fantastic. I've never had anyone able to get all my dick up their ass before... it felt great the way you milked it with your hole, particularly when you were cumming! I've haven't cum so much in my life! It didn't hurt you did it?" "No," I said sincerely. "No way! It felt incredible! I only hope you will want to give it to me again!" We laughed together. "Good!" he exclaimed. "Because I really would like to have some more of that sweet ass if you'll let me have it." "You can have all you want baby, as often as you want it! How soon," I asked, "before you can get it hard again?" He smiled and shrugged and looked down at his limp, wetly glistening dick as it lay on his thigh. I followed his lead and in a moment I was licking his and my juices off his prick and gently sliding the still sensitive head into my mouth. I looked up at his face and felt his meat begin to stir. He moaned with pleasure and surprise. This was turning out to be a wonderful afternoon indeed!