Fantasy for the beautiful dirty_emz

I’d lay down beside you an give you a passionate kiss, our tongues entwining as I caress your breasts with my hand, I lower my body down as I begin sucking an licking at your magnificent breasts, my hand sliding down to your wet pussy, I slide 2 fingers in, as I suck on your nipples!! I lower my body down more as my head sits between your legs, I kiss an lick the inside of your thigh as I get near to your pussy!! It’s glistening with your juices, you feel my breath against your pussy lips as you anticipate my touch!! My tongue touches your heavenly pussy as you gasp!! My mouth sucks on your clit as my tongue laps up your juices, you begin to grind on my face as my tongue swirls inside you, you taste amazing as I slide 2 fingers inside you as my tongue delves deeper. You begin to pant as I finger fuck you an I suck on your clit.I bury my tongue in deeper as you grind harder, your juices are flowing as I gulp it all up!! Your squeezing your breasts as I slide 3 fingers inside you!! I press against your gspot as your hips begin to go with the motion of my fingers, I lock my mouth over your clit an lick hard as you begin to buck!! You are breathing heavy an your about to cum as I press more on your gspot, you let out a moan as you cum on my mouth, my tongue swirling around your juices, mmmhhh you taste so good, I lick your pussy clean as I move up between your legs an kiss you again, you can taste your pussy as we kiss an it turns you on even more!! My rock hard cock brushes against your pussy lips as you try to reach for it and direct it in!! I spread your legs wider as I kneel up between them, your pussy glistening at me!! I grab my cock an use it to slide up an down your pussy lips, the anticipation is to much for you as you begin to nudge yourself on it! I grab my cock an slide the head into your pussy, it’s tight but very wet!! I pull it out again an rub it up an down your pussy lips again, you are dying to take my full 8”. I guide the head in again slowly!! An then with one big thrust I plough my full length deep inside you!! I wrap your legs around my back as I fuck you hard but slow!! Kissing you as I thrust in an out!! You gasp with every hard thrust!! I pick up the pace as your breathing gets faster!! I unlock your legs and rest them on my shoulders so I can fuck you even deeper!! My cock is all wet as I look down an slide my full length in you again, I begin fucking you fast, your breasts mesmerise me as they sway with every thrust, they are beautiful!! You push them together an ask me to suck on them, I do with no hesitation, I give them a nibble as you gasp agsin!! I pick up the pace as you start grinding your pussy every time I thrust deep an hard. Your breathing deepens an you close your eyes as wave after wave of ecstasy roll over you an you cum agsin!! I slide my cock out an bury my head deep in between your legs, my tongue licks up your creamy juices!! You are lying in bed panting but I’m not done yet as I move you into the doggy position, your beautiful curvy ass is so inviting as I slide my tongue up an down your pussy! I kneel behind you and again slide my cock half way in. You feel even tighter in this position as I begin to let you have my full length!! You start nudging backward, your pussy swallowing my full length as your ass starts to grind!! You are so sexy as I grab your hips an begin to fuck you!! I give your ass a soft wee spank as I plough you, you let out a sexy wee Yelp that makes you grind against me harder!! I put my hands on your shoulders an start fucking you fast, my balls slap against your clit as I fuck you like the naughty girl you are, you are groaning louder an louder as I grab your hair an pull it as I thrust in deep again!! This tips you over the edge as I see in a mirror your magnificent breasts slapping together, your nipples brushing against the bed sheets!! You tell me your going to cum again as I let go of your hair an you bury your head in a pillow!! Your ass is in the air but the rest of your body has collapsed as I fuck you hard an fast, you cum loudly as I speed up an feel my balls tighten, you ask me to cum deep in your pussy an with those words I let out jet after jet of my thick cum!! My cock twitches as I cum more an more!! You collapse fully on the bed, you look beautiful as I start to see my cum oozing our your tight pussy, you reach around an scoop some of it up an lick your fingers!! I lay beside you as you nuzzle in for a cuddle an you stroke my cock slowly then lean down an suck me clean, we kiss passionately again the taste of cum an pussy juice makes me want to go again!!