Girl Meets World - Farkle and His Dream Girls

It was a regular Saturday evening in Greenwich Village and a fun evening for Riley and her best friend Maya. Maya was spending the night at Riley's while her mother and Shawn have the whole apartment to themselves for their date night. Riley and Maya were in Riley's room. Riley was sitting by the bay window eating a piece of pepperoni pizza that her parents ordered from Bingo's Pizza while Maya was laying her pyjamas on Riley's princess-themed bed. The two were alone in the apartment: Cory and Topanga are out having date night at a fancy restaurant and Auggie was at the Knicks game with his Uncle Josh. Riley wore her rainbow-colored shirt, her pink skirt, black and white socks and black-studded boots. Maya wore her yellow dress with white floral-laced sleeves, blue jean vest and brown boots (A/N: It's what Riley and Maya wore on one of the new season two cast photos where they were sitting on a white couch together).After Maya gets her stuff ready to wear for when she goes to bed, Maya grabs herself a slice of pizza and sits down next to Riley."I'm glad that we're having a sleeepover just the two of us. And we have the whole place to ourselves." Riley said while eating her slice of pizza."You're not planning on doing a happy dance, are you?" Maya asked."Why? Do you think we should have a happy dance?" Riley asked."No, we should not have a happy dance." Maya said while stuffing her mouth with pizza. "I think we should." Riley smiled."I think we shouldn't." Maya said."You're no fun." Riley pouts."Aww, it's okay peaches. I'm always fun." Maya said. "Anyway, let's talk about you and Lucas. I see that you two are planning on taking your relationship to the next step.""Yeah." Riley said. "Should I be scared?" "Of Ranger Rick? Sure, you could be scared as you like." Maya said as Riley smiles at her.While the two were eating their pizza, a boy with brown hair and blue eyes popped out of nowhere and he was wearing a grey turtleneck with a red, grey and white polo shirt over it, dark grey jeans and dark green Converses. That boy with bangs was revealed to be Farkle Minkus."Ladies." Farkle said as he stuck his head inside Riley's room."Farkle." Riley and Maya both said at the same time."So, how's it going? I see that you two are busy with… I smell pepperoni pizza from Bingo's. Ooh, can I have a piece?" Farkle asked as he crawled through the window to enter Riley's room."Farkle, we're having a sleeepover here. Just me and Riley." Maya said."That's fine because I can stay here all I want." Farkle said as he eats his slice of pizza."That means me and Riley talking about boys, painting our fingernails and toenails, watching movies, have a pillow fight and kiss each other." Maya said. Farkle's eyes grew big when heard the last part, which made him throw his piece of pizza back in the pizza box."You two are going to kiss each other? Yes!" Farkle yelled as he raised his hands up in the air. "Farkle, I was only k!dding about that last part. There's no need to….""I don't care. I want to watch you two make out with each other. I would love that." Farkle said."Farkle, there's no way that you're going to watch us making out. Besides, it would never ha…." Riley said until a pair of lips crashing on top of hers interrupted her. It was Maya. Riley's eyes grew big in surprise and Farkle's jaw dropped from the sight of seeing his dream girl kissing his other dream girl."Maya…" Riley said."Shh. Just go with it, Riles. This will make Farkle happy. He'll probably get his wish." Maya said as her and Riley both smirk seductively at Farkle.Riley moves her head closer to Maya's, her lips meeting hers again. Riley's kisses were soft and gentle and Maya's kisses were ferocious and intense. Farkle licks his lips from the hot show that he's getting from Riley and Maya, he started to feel himself getting erect from this hot sight."Oh, boy. This is totally hot." Farkle said.Maya smirks as she continues to kiss Riley. The blonde slips her tongue mouth and parts the brunette's lips open to explore her mouth. Riley moans as she felt Maya's tongue moving around in her mouth trying to dominate her. Riley moves her hand underneath Maya's yellow dress and starts to caress her thigh and moving her hand up to her crotch and began to rub her through her panties."Riles, you kinky girl." Maya groans.Farkle starts to move his hand down to his pants and starts palming his cock through his pants as Riley continues to play with Maya's pussy. Riley moves her hand from underneath Maya's dress and kisses her while removing her denim vest. Maya starts to work her hands down to Riley's rainbow-colored shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing her pink floral bra. Riley removes Maya's brown boots from off of her feet while trying to remove her yellow dress."Hey look at your feet. They're naked." Farkle said as he stared at Maya's bare feet."Keep your eyes on us, buddy." Maya said. Maya starts to remove Riley's boots and socks from off of her feet.After getting every single article of clothing off of their bodies, Riley and Maya are both left in their bra and panties. Maya in her matching black bra and panties and Riley in her matching pink floral bra and matching panties. The two girls walk over to Riley's princess themed bed and began to make out again. Maya pushes Riley down on her bed and starts to explore her body with her hand and gently squeezes her breast. Riley bit her bottom lip gently and releases a soft moan from her mouth. Farkle whimpers breathlessly as he continues to watch his two cuties going at it. He was dying to cream in his jeans. Maya starts to unhook Riley's bra and threw it across the room until it landed on Farkle."Oh, baby." Farkle groans. His hard-on continues to press against his pants.Maya starts to licks and bite on Riley's tiny mounds. Maya takes one of Riley's breasts in her mouth and starts to suck on it. Wanting to join in on the action, Farkle removes every single article of clothing until he's left in only his blue briefs. The intelligent teen walks over to Riley's bed and starts to suck on Riley's other nipple."Mmm." Riley moans from the feeling of Farkle and Maya licking her hardened light brown nipples.Maya reaches back and starts to unhook her own bra and let it fall on the floor. Maya and Farkle stop working on Riley's breasts as Maya moves down in between Riley's legs and removed her drenched panties. Farkle moves behind Maya and pulls her panties down to her knees and starts to lick her hot pink pussy. Maya shivers in delight as she starts to lick around Riley's pussy and lap at her pink pussy lips. Maya pushes Riley's legs back and continues to lap at her pussy. Farkle gently sucks on Maya's pink lips and teases her puckered asshole at the same time with his finger."Mmm, just like that Maya." Riley moaned.Maya makes eye contact with Riley as Riley watches her best friend sticking her tongue in and out of her pussy and flicking around it at the same time sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. Farkle stops licking Maya's pussy and begins to lick her cute tiny ass and rub her clit at the same time. Maya moans into Riley's pussy while eating her out and starts to feel a bit of liquid leaking out of her hole and landing on her tongue. Riley was close to having her orgasm."Maya, I'm about to cum. Keep tongue-fucking me." Riley moans.Farkle began to notice Riley's pretty toes curl in pleasure. He wanted to take her toes in his mouth and suck on them. Farkle pushes his tongue inside Maya's tight asshole and continued to play with her clit while Riley cums all over Maya's tongue. Maya stops licking Riley's pussy and grabs one of her legs and starts to suck on her pretty toes. Farkle mimics Maya's actions and starts to suck on Riley's toes for a couple of minutes. Maya stops sucking on Riley's toes and starts to kiss her passionately while Farkle continues to worship her feet. Riley pushes Farkle down on the bed with her foot and laid down next to him and kisses him passionately while sticking her hand down his briefs and grabbed his cock. Maya lowers herself in between Farkle's legs and takes his cock in her mouth while Riley straddles herself on Farkle's face and starts to lick her pussy."Farkle." Riley moans.Maya bobs her head up and down on Farkle's cock and watches her best friend being eaten out by Farkle. Maya licks Farkle shaft like a lollipop and stroked his balls at the same time. Farkle releases a moan into Riley's dripping wet cunt while plunging it in and out of her. Riley grabbed on the base of Farkle's cock and starts to bob her head up and down while Maya laps at his succulent balls. Maya grins at the hot sight of Riley and Farkle in the 69 position while she continues to lap at his balls. Riley starts to grind into Farkle's face sending her right over the edge. Not wanting Farkle to cum again, Riley climbs off of Farkle's face while Maya climbs on top of Farkle's cock. Maya lowers herself onto Farkle's cock, taking him fully inside her."Farkle, you're so big inside me." Maya moans.Riley gently squeezes Maya's medium-sized breasts and kisses her while she rides Farkle. With her hands bracing Farkle's chest, Maya rides him fast while Riley rubs her clit harder in a circular motion while watching Farkle's balls slapping against her best friend's pussy and ass."You like watching us, Riles? You look so fucking hot playing with your cute little pussy. Mmm, it's just waiting for it to be filled with Farkle's hard cock." Maya talks dirty to her best friend."Oh, man. Dirty talking. You're turning me on, woman." Farkle pants."That's my plan." Maya breathes.Riley spits on her drenched pussy and slips her fingers inside her tight pink hole and pumps harder and faster inside her drenched pink hole. Maya cried out and rode out her orgasm as she starts to cum all over Farkle's cock. Maya climbs off of Farkle as Riley watches his cock sliding out of her. The blonde starts to work her feet on Farkle, making Farkle moan in delight and watches her sexy feet moving up and down on his cock. Riley stops masturbating and kisses Farkle while Maya continues to rub her feet against the tip of his cock.Riley lies down on her bed as Farkle climbs on top of her with his member lined up against her entrance. Farkle slowly slid inside Riley while Maya squatted over her and sat on her face. Farkle thrusts in and out of Riley's pussy while Riley licks Maya's clit. Maya moans and plays with her breasts at the same time while Farkle fucks Riley harder and faster while sucking on her pretty toes. Farkle grunts with every thrust while Riley moans into Maya's pussy. Soon, all three are close to their orgasm as Farkle felt Riley's cum surrounding his cock and her walls clenching tight as Maya grinds on Riley's face."Oh, fuck. Riley!" Maya screams as Riley bites down on Maya's clit. Farkle pulls out of Riley and watches her juices squirt out of her pussy. Maya climbs off of Riley's face and grabs Farkle's cock as her and Riley both started to make out with the tip of Farkle's cock trapped in between their tongues and mouths, sending Farkle over the edge."Oh my God. Riley, Maya. I'm about to cum!" Farkle screams as he felt his balls beginning to churn.Farkle starts shooting his giant load in Riley's mouth and in Maya's mouth. Some of his cum landed on Riley's pretty face and all over her bed. Farkle felt his cock twitch as he watches Riley and Maya sharing his cum."I know, ladies. I am pretty good. Thank you, I am Farkle!" Farkle said as he threw is arms up in the air. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world to make love to two of his dream girls.