Good Mom

Charlotte stood in her white panties and bright red bra wondering if it was too early to get dressed. Only her son and best friend were in the house and the party wasn't to start for another 2 hours. Michael was supposed to be dressing as a lifeguard from baywatch, Violet was catwoman from Batman, and Charlotte was the sexy schoolgirl from St Trinians. It was just as Charlotte bent to pick up the skirt from the bed she heard a whistle from her bedroom door. She turned quickly trying to cover herself in case it was her son. Instead she saw Violet her best friend from c***dhood and occasional lover. Violet stood looking more like a kitten that catwoman with her 5"4 frame. She had generous curves and a perfect handful of breasts. Hair black as night with a widows peak and her plastic cat ears sticking up proudly. "Damn, you look good enough to eat. Michael doesn't stand a chance" Violet said from the doorway. "Shhh, you might as well just shout it then" Charlotte hissed. "Relax, your soon to be boy toy is downstairs setting up for the party. Poor guy" Violet reassured her friend. "Poor guy?" Charlotte asked, confused. "Well yeah, cuz no one else is coming" Violet revealed with a proud smile. "What do you mean no one is coming?" Charlotte asked incredulously. "I told everyone it was cancelled, that we it's just us three and nothing to get in the way""I can't believe you" Charlotte said, "but I'm glad you did, I'm a bag of nerves as it is. I don't think I could have seduced my son with so many other people in my house. Really it was a terrible plan""That's why I never intended to have a party, I just needed you to believe it so you could sell it to Michael." Violet spoke as she walked towards her friend. "Now, let's see if we can do something about your nerves" Violet's face took on a mischievous look as she stalked towards Charlotte. When she was merely inches from her, Violet placed her hands on Charlottes shoulders and gently but firmly pushed her back onto the bed."Violet what are you doing? My son is downstairs!" Charlotte protested weakly."Well if he comes and finds us it will just speed up the whole night. Now shush and enjoy yourself, I know I will" and without another word Violet moved to her knees and pulled Charlotte white panties down her legs. Leaning in she kissed lines up Charlottes thighs, before teasing her shaved pussy with soft breaths and softer kisses. Eventually Charlotte threw patience out the window and pulls Violets head between her legs. Violet chuckled as she stroked Charlottes slit with long strokes interspersed with quick tongue flicks. Once wet enough, Violet pushed a single digit into Charlotte's honeypot and curled it to reach the rough g-spot. There she fingered it while sucking on the clit and was soon rewarded with a leg spasm and muffled scream as Charlotte screamed into a pillow. It was now a full hour passed the agreed start time for the party and Michael was feeling sorry for his mother. No one else has showed up, without the decency of saying they couldn't make it. Any excuse was better than just not showing up. Still, the night could have gone worse. Now he was all alone in the house with his mom dressed like a horny school girl and her best friend Violet, who was constantly flirting with him, was dressed in a skintight catsuit. This was far from a disaster, but he resolved himself to make the most of it, for his mom's sake. With that steely resolve he adjusted his semi hard cock and joined his mother on the couch in the livingroom. "Well I for one don't wanna let the fact no one else turned up ruin all my hard work planning this." Violets voice somewhat muffled as her head was inside a cupboard while she searched for a game. Finally, with a cry of triumph she emerged and held out a large square box. "Who wants to play twister?" She asked with an impish grin."Ooh I haven't played that in years" Charlotte replied excitedly, before glancing across the couch at her son. "But I don't think your old mom will be flexible enough for it now" lowering her eyes in embarrassment. "That's ridiculous mom, you're fitter than most of the girls in my college. You could dance your way across a twister mat" Michael told her earnestly. "Oh, alright you've convinced me" Charlotte spoke softly, then seeming to have had an idea she leaned across to her son, "only if you play the first game with me".And so, the sofa was pushed out to make room on the floor for the twister mat. Violet sat on the arm with the game dial and rule sheet, while Charlotte stood to Michael's left, both barefooted but still in their costumes. Violet took a long drink of her cocktail then set it aside to observe the rule sheet. "Alright so it says right here that you two have to do what I say and the game is over when one of you is flat on the ground, all good?" "Oh no, I knew it was a bad idea giving you any kind of authority" Charlotte laughed as her best friend gave her best impression of the Joker grin. "Well you've done it now, so will you two agree to do whatever I say 'til the game ends?" Violet asked putting some emphasis on the word 'whatever'. "Very well, we submit to your authority, for now, don't we Michael?"Michael looked at Charlotte seeing the excitement hidden on her face as she waited for his answer. "Who am I to say no to you two" "Alright, let's get this party started" Violet sang, "first of all my first ruling is that you two have to start at opposite ends, there and there" Violet pointed to the sides of the sheet which did not have the word Twister printed in the white border. As Charlotte stepped onto the mat Violet stopped her, "no no no, your feet aren't in the game yet they have to stay where they are" as Violet spun the dial she glanced down as it stopped then looked at her friend again "your first tile is right hand, green" Charlotte scowled at her friend and stole a quick glance at her son, who was watching her intently. Charlotte slowly bent at the waist, her pigtails hanging, to place her palms directly in front of her feet on the carpet and crawled to the last row of circles to place her right hand on green, mere inches from Michaels foot."What was all that about not being flexible mom?" Michael asked sarcastically. Charlotte hid her face to mask her blush. "Oh, hush you" she said weakly.Violet spun the dial but was watching the two soon to be lovers with a careful eye. She had no intention of reading the dial. She was making them up as she went but had to be careful. She didn't know how quickly she could push Michael. It was obvious he loved his mother. But the big question was, would he fuck her. Charlotte had given Violet all the juicy details she could about how her son constantly showered her with kind words and adoration. The late-night foot rubs and falling asleep with each other on the couch after movie night. Including the day charlotte found mother and son i****t porn on Michaels tablet. He had forgotten to close the video tab and so the title was shown on the lock screen. Watching it was different from living, but tonight he would learn the difference. "Michael, left foot, green". Michael simply had to step forward onto the first circle. "Hey! How is he getting it so easy?" Charlotte protested."I just read the dial, don't blame me" Violet responded with mock offense. "Charlotte, left foot blue" Before long Violet's masterful manipulation of the dial had Michael stuck in a crab like position, with Charlotte in a position very much like the pose she took before crawling to her first tile. The result was that Charlottes ass was thrust into Michaels face, her panties on full display. While Charlottes head was tucked between Michaels knees. Her pigtails tickling the inside of each of Michaels thighs. His Baywatch shorts showing his engorged cock gorgeously. Proud of her work Violet stood up and began leaving the room. "I'm going to fill my glass, might be a while making another cocktail." Turning back to the pair she said "you two aren't allowed to move 'til I get back. Got it Michael?""Got it!" Michael panted, causing his hot breath to wash over Charlotte's sex. Violet smirked as she saw Charlotte tremble. Michael began to panic as he was aware of his mother's head directly over her groin and he was sporting a hard on. Hardly surprising when his view was taken up entirely by his mom's bubble butt in white panties and a tartan mini skirt with black lace lining. Before he could dwell on it too much he heard his mom's soft voice speak up. "Well this is certainly not how I expected this party to go" Charlotte mused aloud. "Probably not, but it certainly beats anything else I could have been doing tonight." Michael responded before thinking. "Oh, and why is that sweetheart?" Charlotte knew what he meant, she could see how much their predicament excited him. But she felt like playing dumb to see if her son would confess his naughty little thoughts. "Eh, well I'd probably have been sat on my computer gaming all day and-" Michael was cut off when Charlottes panty clad pussy pressed into his mouth. Just as quickly as it happened Charlotte lifted her hips again. "Oh shit, I'm so sorry Michael, my legs are getting shaky. Do you mind if I just rest on your head a little?" Michael couldn't believe it, his foxy mother, dressed like a school girl in knee highs, was basically asking to sit on his face. "Yeah of course mom, anything you need". Before he could duck his head, Charlotte relaxed her hips and was rewarded with Michaels nose pressing into her clit. The sensation was overwhelming and her legs began to really tremor, this caused an added rubbing effect to her clit.Charlotte's head was spinning and not just from the blood flow caused by her position. From her vantage point she couldn't see her sons head but did have a front row seat to his thick cock pressing against his lifeguard's shorts. The smell was intoxicating, her mouth watered as she thought about taking a cheeky nibble. Michael was stunned, did his mother know where his nose was? Surely, she could feel it, and if that were true, was it intentional? Too scared to act or say anything he simply remained motionless, like a startled deer.Charlotte broke the silence, "God she's taking her sweet time. I hope this isn't too much on your neck dear." Charlotte shifted her hips slightly to work the joint and relieve some tension, and in doing so rubbed her swollen clit on her son's nose. A spark shot through her at the sensation and she had a mini climax which Michael could feel soak her panties. "N- no it's fine mom, besides Violet said the game ends when one of us is flat on the floor. She said nothing about sitting on the floor." Michael took the weight off his wrists by sitting on the floor. This caused his shorts to ride up Charlotte could see the head of his penis. Charlotte's eyes went wide as she saw her sons cock, a small dribble of precum sat just begging to be licked up. She felt her tongue move seemingly of its own accord, trying to reach her son's bulging member. Moments before her tongue made contact Violet sauntered into the room to see Michael with his face pressed into his mother's box and Charlottes face buried in his crotch. "No sitting! You cheater" she called out.Michael jerked his hips up in surprise and immediately felt Charlottes warm tongue press onto the head of his penis. Charlotte shot upright, thankful Michael couldn't see her face, while Michael fell to his back as he instinctively reached out with both hands to stop his mom falling over. The result was that Michael lay flat on his back holding his mom practically in the air as his hands cupped her ass and held her. "Shit mom, I'm sorry I got a fright" Michael said quickly as Charlotte righted herself, terrified his mother might think he did it on purpose."It's alright darling, besides I think that means I won" Charlotte turned to Violet holding a tray carrying a single cocktail and two glasses of what appeared to be water. "Right?"."Yep, sure does" Violet winked at Charlotte, noticing the slight shine on her deep red lips. Violet walked passed the twister mat to the table pressed against the far wall and placed the tray down. Picking something up and turning to the other. "Which means, you get to spark this bad boy" Violet told Charlotte as she held a perfectly rolled joint. Charlotte was stunned, while she and Violet had smoked weed in their youth Charlotte hadn't touched the stuff since Michael was born. Before she could say anything, Michael surprised her. "Alright! Now that's what this party needs" he said loudly before realizing his mother was in the room. He gasped and turned to look at her, she fixed him with a menacing glare. "Err, I mean. I've never seen one of those before in my life" he made an attempt at a recovery, knowing he'd already put his foot in it. He cringed, expecting his mom to chew him out there and then with Violet to watch. Instead her furious expression melted away to be replaced with one of complete indifference. "Oh please! I can smell that shit on you every time you come back from seeing Danny. I also know the little shit sells it too. But there's a lot you don't know about your old mother" Charlotte said as she crossed the room to take the joint and lighter from Violet. Making herself comfortable on the floor with a small ceramic coaster for a makeshift ashtray, Charlotte lit the joint and took a slow draw. "Well, come and sit. I don't want the smoke or the ash near the furniture." She patted the floor beside where she sat cross legged, her mini skirt not able to protect her modesty alone. She sat with her back straight, pushing her breasts out. Violet brought the other drinks over and gave the water to Charlotte and Michael, taking the dark purple glass for herself. "My next game was to be truth or dare but I doubt you guys will be up for that" she said, making a very convincing show of being disheartened."Nonsense, that sounds like fun" Charlotte said loudly, as she handed the joint to Michael. "Doesn't it?" "Y-yeah, I love of a bit of truth or dare" he said, so shocked by his mother handing him weed that he wasn't fully aware of what he was agreeing to. "Yay!" Violet beamed. "We should have a forfeit so that we don't have to do a truth or a dare if we don't want to though". "Yeah that's smart" Charlotte agreed. Michael just nodded, enjoying the buzz before handing the joint to Violet."So, the forfeit shall be, rolling another one?" She asked holding the joint aloft. Both Charlotte and Michael agreed enthusiastically. The three of them grouped together on the floor before Charlotte shot to her feet and ran to turn a small lamp on and the ceiling light off. Giving the room a sleep-over like atmosphere."So, who's going first?" Violet asked, barely holding back her excitement. "Well, since this was your party I think you should" said Michael."Very well then", she said, fixing her eyes on Michael. "Michael, truth or dare?""I knew that would come back to bite me" he said before meeting her gaze stoically, "dare"."Oooh a confidant one, well now how about this for coming back to bite you, I dare you to bite your mom... like a vampire" she said gleefully. Both Charlotte and Michael looked to one another, their thoughts and hearts racing. Charlotte looked to Violet who simply winked at her. She looked back to her son who was at a loss for words. Glad of the weed Charlotte made a decision and swiped a pigtail from her neck. "C'mon then, just don't actually draw blood hon" Michael slowly crawled to his mother on his knees, before placing a hand on the floor by her hip and leaning in. He slowly opened his mouth and placed it on the side of his mom's neck where she stretched for him. Moments before bring his teeth down he heard Violet's giggling voice behind him. "Like a vampire remember, I wanna hear some growling""Wouldn't that be a were-wo oh!" Charlotte was interrupted by her son's deep, rumbling growl and the sensation of his teeth pressing into her skin. The moment they made contact she felt her pussy tingle and her knees pulled together. At the same time her hands found their way into her son's hair and held his head to her neck. Neither of them had any concept of time, it felt like hours they sat there embracing each other, but it could have been seconds before Violet's clapping separated the two."Well done, that was very... convincing. Ok you're turn now" Violet said, with a little envy in her voice. Not wanting to have to choose a truth or dare for his mom so soon he turned to Violet. "Payback time, Truth or Dare?" He said. Violet responded by sticking her chin out and meeting Michael's eyes with a narrowing of her own, "Dare". "Alright then, I dare you to give mom a blowback" he said with a smile. "Hey, that'll be two dares I've been subjected to and I haven't even played yet" Charlotte objected. "Well would you prefer I gave your son a blow?" Violet countered, her voice dripping with double meaning. Without appearing to catching the pun Charlotte replied "Yes actually, that seems only fair" Caught completely off guard by the two hot milf's who just turned his dare back on him, not to mention Violet's word play. Michael watched as his school girl mother re-lit the joint and held it out. "You'll be needing this" she said pointedly. Michael was confused by her tone until her saw that Violet, in her skintight catsuit with matching ears was crawling towards him with a hungry look. She turned her head to look at Charlottes outstretched hand and visible disappointment crossed her face before being replaced by a look of sheer mischief. She took the joint and continued her slow, sultry crawl towards Michael. Placing her a hand on his thigh and lifting the other to her mouth to draw from the joint, her face inches from his she smiled innocently at him before taking her draw. Looking into his eyes, Violet could see herself reflected back, she looked good. Her bright red lipstick and widows peaked hair were perfect, as she'd never settle for less than perfect. She perked her lips and leaned in to kiss Michael, as their lips met Michael felt Violet dig her nails into his inner thigh causing him to suck in air. At this moment she blew the smoke from her draw into Michaels mouth. Violet kept her lips pressed to Michaels, forcing him to keep the draw in his lungs. This, while fun, was all just a ploy to give her hand more time to find Michaels dick. When she found her target she wrapped her hand around its thick girth and squeezed lightly. She felt it get harder in her hands, pleased with her work she sat up, turned and crawled her way back giving her hips a light sway as she did. Michael was stunned once again, not only had Violet kissed him, she squeezed his cock and he knew her crawl back was for him. The view of her ass held in that tight suit was something he'd never forget 'til the day he died. Momentarily dazed he forgot he was holding his breath and let it out slowly not trusting himself not to cough. Remembering who else was in the room he slowly looked over at his mother, who was watching him with the same hunger he saw moments before in Violets eyes. "Your turn now Charlotte" Violets voice broke the spell and Charlotte's eyes were her usual charming cocoa again. "Huh, oh right yes. Michael Truth or Dare" pulled from her day dream Charlotte struggled to think of something to ask Michael. He surprised her by picking dare again which sent her mind reeling. She wanted so desperately to ask him to take her there and then, or to eat her out but before her thoughts went too wild an idea came. "I dare you to spank Violet". "Huh, sorry what was that?" Michael feigned, shocked to his core that his mother would ask this of him. "You heard me mister, she's been very naughty lately and needs some punishment" Charlotte said matter-of-factly meeting Violets stunned stare. Violet quickly recovered and decided to play Charlottes game. "Oh dear, it appears I've been very naughty and it falls to you to discipline me, Michael" Violets voice taking on a husky, almost breathless quality. Once again crawling to Michael, handing Charlotte the remains of the joint before stretching over Michaels legs. "You sure about this mom?" Asked Michael, his voice sounding far more certain of himself than he felt. "Of course, dear. Violet loves a good, hard spanking" Charlotte reassured her son, before holding her hand up to her mouth in a stage whisper "it's one of her kinks".Michael looked to Violet where she lay in his lap, she gave him a wink before shaking her ass at him. Without saying anything, Michael lifted his hand and brought it down hard on Violets latex covered ass cheeks feeling it sting his palm. "Ooooh! He's good" Violet cooed. "Again" Michael slammed his hand down again, on her other cheek. This time being rewarded with a small squeal from Violet. "Ok, that's enough. Otherwise she'll be there all night" Charlotte interrupted, met with an "Aww" from Violet, but she didn't get up from where she lay on Michaels lap. "Ok, my turn again. Charlotte Truth or Dare?" Violet chimed. "Photos "Truth" Charlotte replied sheepishly. "Oh no fair" Violet said upset that she would have to wait another round for her plan to really begin. "fine, have you ever masturbated while Michael was in the house?"Charlotte gasped and narrowed her eyes at Violet. She took a moment to collect her thoughts, refusing to look at Michael as she said "Yes". "Oooh, you naughty girl, I'm not the only one here in need of punishment" Violet said excitedly. Charlotte finally looked up to see Michael looking anywhere but at her, his face a bright crimson. She looked down, her face matching his. "Ok Michael, it's your turn now" Violet's soft voice causing both mother and son to look at her, still in Michaels lap. "em, ok Violet Truth of Dare?" He asked nervously. Not wanting to be moved Violet tactfully replied "Truth". Feeling the effects of the weed boost his confidence he asked "If spanking is one of your kinks, name another one?".Thinking for a second, Violet replied with a smile in her voice "I love going down on a guy. Nothing gets me going more than a nice, big cock deep in my throat". Michaels cock twitched at her words. "Violet!" Charlotte said, aghast. "What? He asked" Violet countered. "Hmpf" was all Charlotte could say before collecting herself "Anyway, my turn now. Michael Truth or Dare?" "Eh, Truth this time" he said, distracted by Violet's wandering hands as one of them curled under herself to find Michaels cock. "Hmm" Charlotte looked thoughtful before deciding to play it safe asking "Have you ever masturbated while I was in the house?" Violet began to slowly stroke Michaels cock through his shorts. "oh yeah" he moaned absent mindedly. Suddenly remembering where he was he looked up to see his mother with a shocked 'O' face. "I mean, yeah I have" he said blushing heavily. "Well, I guess I kind of knew that" Charlotte said, to help her son feel less embarrassed. "Well you two are certainly learning a lot about each other tonight. But now it's my turn again, Michael Truth or Dare?" Violet broke the silence threatening the room. "Dare" Michael replied automatically. "Alright then, I dare you to kiss your mother. With tongue." Violet said, a laugh hidden in her tone. When no one said anything, she pleaded "Oh c'mon there's only me here, and it'll be fun. You've kissed your mom before, right?" "Well, yeah but not like that" Michael protested."Are you saying you don't want to kiss your mom?" Violet said, knowing it was a loaded question. "Well, no but" he started. "Then just do it, if it makes you feel any better I'll look away" Violet said as she shifted her position so that she was face down in Michaels crotch, her hot breath on his cock.Charlotte spoke up, finding her voice "it's only a dare, what's the harm". Charlotte began to crawl towards Michael in much the same way Violet had earlier. Only her light shirt didn't hide her ample cleavage very well and Michael could see his mom's heavy breasts sway slightly as she crawled towards him. Before he knew it, she was kneeling in front of him, Violet still ducking her head into Michaels groin. Charlotte met Michaels gaze and felt just like a high school girl again about to kiss her boyfriend for the first time. "Are you ready?" She asked. Not giving him the time to answer she pressed forward and their lips met. After a couple quick pecks, Violets voice echoed from below them "I don't hear any tongue". Charlotte quickly kissed her son again, this time pressing her tongue to his lips which he opened to allow her tongue in. Michael's head was spinning, and it felt like a long time before he remembered he had a tongue of his own. Meeting his mother's tongue with his they darted and dashed against each other. Feeling his mom's breath on his face and hearing her moan into his mouth filled him with confidence and he grasped Charlottes head gently and took control of the kiss. Leaning into her he invaded her mouth and remembered to kiss her in between jousting matches with her tongue. While this was happening, Violet went to work. She pulled Michaels shorts back as far as she could and pulled his cock free of his underwear. This startled him and he froze, but Charlotte didn't notice. She was too lost in her son's mouth, kissing him like this felt so exhilarating. She took over the kiss and gripped his hair, licking his lips and trying to reach every corner of his mouth with her tongue. Violet meanwhile lifted the head of Michaels cock to her mouth and kissed it gently. Pulling the skin back to free the bulbous head she leaned further to lick the precum before taking it in her mouth and creating a vacuum. Rolling her tongue around the tip and letting her mouth fill with saliva. Suddenly she felt a hand on the back of her head, thinking it was Michaels she reached up to place hers on top, only to find it was the slender hand of Charlotte. An idea blooming, Violet pulled Charlottes hand down to where she had removed Michaels cock from its hiding place, now pointing straight at Charlotte. Without questioning it, Charlotte clasped her hand around her son's cock and began pumping it while Violet continued to suck on the head. Michael could feel what he thought to be Violets hand on his cock working in tandem with her mouth, meanwhile his mother continued her affections with her own mouth. Michael moaned into his mother's mouth and she moaned into his. Their kisses became more and more vigorous and heated. Violet began to take more and more of Michaels thick cock into her throat. Charlotte feeling this, moved her hand to cup her son's balls. She gently massaged them, trailing her long nails over them and kneading them while Violet deepthroated him. With Charlottes skilled hands and tongue combined with Violets expert deepthroating it wasn't long before Michael was at his limit. Charlotte could feel his balls tense and she tapped Violet on the head to let her know.Violet reluctantly took Michaels cock out her mouth and allowed Charlotte to pump it steadily. Violet held herself just above his cock ready to catch his cum when another idea came to her. Ever so carefully she placed her hands on one of Michaels thighs and pulled away so that she was sat to the side of Charlotte pumping Michaels cock fervently while the two of them shared a very steamy kiss. Soon Michael moaned heavily, grunting an "Oh god" as he pulled away from his mother's kiss his cock shot stream after stream of hot, pearlescent cum straight into the air hitting his mother in the chin and onto her breasts. "Oh god mom I'm so sorry" Michael panicked, mortified that he just came on his own mother. Without saying a word, Charlotte bent down to suck the last of the cum from Michaels cock with a loud pop. "Mmmmm, I hope you have more for me sweetheart" she said amorously. "I, uh, what?" Michael was struggling to come to terms with his reality. His mother had not only made no response to being hit in the face with cum but had sucked the last of it straight from the source. "Oh, please baby, don't act coy now. I know you fantasize about me, and I know you watch all kinds of naughty porn. I love you son, more than a mother should and it excites me that you think of me that way. So how bout you just let mommy and Aunt Violet take care of you huh?" "uh, ok?" Michael barely got the words out. He glanced over at Violet who was already stepping out of her catsuit. "Well darling, you have to two very horny women eager to please you. What do you wanna do?" Charlotte pushed her breasts out with her elbows and was the perfect naughty school girl for her son. "I, I wanna eat you out mom. Ever since that game of twister." Michael just finished his sentence before being tackled to the ground by his mother. Flat on his back he looked up just to see her climb on his chest and place her knees beside his ears. She pulled her panties aside and pressed her glistening pussy into her son's eager mouth. Taking his cue Michael first kissed the labia, before experimenting with a few long, slow and burning tongue strokes. "oh god! I've waited so long for this and it feel so fucking good" Charlotte moaned while pressing her hips lower. Soon he found the clit and worked his lips around it to push back the hood where he could attack it mercilessly with his tongue. He wanted to make his mother squeal and soak his face. He sucked the clit into his mouth as if he were sucking on a small cock flicking it with the very tip of his tongue. It was as he resumed his long, slow strokes he felt Violet's hair on his thighs. "I hope you know little man, you've well and truly flipped your moms switch. She's gonna be an insatiable sex pest whenever you're around" Violet warned before devouring Michaels cock, feeling it grow in her mouth. Michael reached up to cup each of his mother's round ass cheeks and held her aloft to say "I will do my best to keep up" before resuming his ministrations. He gave Charlotte's ass a nail digging squeeze before moving up and around to her inner thighs where he pawed at her, trying to pull her onto his face and get his tongue as deep as possible. He could hear his mother's breathing getting sharper and shallower. Knowing her climax was near, he redoubled his efforts moaning between Charlotte's legs. "Oh, mom you taste so fucking good. Anytime, anywhere, just ask and I'll gladly eat you out you sexy MILF". Upon hearing these words from her son Charlotte felt a crashing wave of sexual energy pulse through her body and she actually squirted for the first time in her life. Michaels mouth was flooded with his mother's cum and he swallowed in earnest but still was soaked. Charlotte was still shaking after her juices slowed to a trickle, her legs twitching and squeezing her son's head.Meanwhile Violet went to work on Michaels cock. She grasped it in one hand, stroked his balls with the other and slammed it home in her throat. Violet made loud gagging sounds as Michaels cock hit the back of her throat and he could feel the bend. On the up-thrust Violet stopped to hold the head in her mouth. There she rolled her tongue over the sensitive head and sucked hard before impaling herself with more choking sounds. "Oh god I love this cock so much. Charlotte you can't keep this from me." Violet gasped in between deep lunges. "Don't worry, you can have him whenever you want. After all it's all thanks to you that I have him in the first place." Charlotte reassured her friend though still breathless. "But right now, I want that cock in me, so you can swap and find out just how skilled my son is with his tongue" "That does sound like a good deal to me, I saw you made your mom squirt. Think you can give me a repeat performance." Violet flashed a sultry smile at Michael that would make men melt at her feet. "How 'bout you get that sexy ass over here and find out for yourself" Michael said, finding his confidence. "Oooh, yes Master" Violet said, not even half-jokingly. Thankfully Violet was short enough that when sat on Michaels face, he could reach up to paw at her tits and squeeze her nipples. Pulling a shrill of delight from deep within her. While Michael set to work on Violet's smooth pussy, his mother got into position in classic cowgirl ready to finally impale herself on her son's rod. A very miniscule part of her was sad she could look him in the eyes as it happened. However, deep down she knew that if given the chance she wouldn't change how it happened for the world. She loved her son and she loved Violet. It became suddenly clear to her that she had all she needed in life right in front of her, and below her. As she slowly lowered herself onto her sons cock she felt a tear fall down her cheek. "Violet, could you turn around for me?" she asked, her voice shaking. Hearing the quiver in her best friend's voice was the only think that made Violet remove herself from Michaels tongue, but even then, only to turn to face Charlotte. As soon as Violet was settled back on Michaels face she saw Charlotte's face, teary eyed and on the verge of openly weeping. Before she could say a word, Charlotte pulled Violet close and kissed her. It was a kiss that spoke of many things, things that may never be said aloud. When Violet kissed back it wasn't just a kiss, it was an answer to an unasked question. The kiss was broken as Violet screamed her climax, and indeed squirting her hot nectar for Michael. Charlotte, spurred on by Violets cry of ecstasy, began to roll her hips feeling her son's hot, rock hard staff plunder her. Charlotte raised herself on her knees allowing Michael some room to pound into her. The sound of their bodies slapping together, Violets moans as Michaels continued to pleasure her and Michaels occasional grunt filled the house. "Oh Michael, I'm gonna cum so hard baby. Oh please. Don't. Stop. Fucking. Meeee" Charlotte cried out as she leaned onto Violet and felt her legs shake like she'd just been tasered. "Oh god Mom, I love you!" Michael's voice dampened by Violet's undulating hips cried out as he came inside his mother. The two girls slunk into relaxed positions on either side of Michael, each resting their head on his chest. He placed a hand on each of their backs where he began to trace imaginary lines with his fingers. "So, Michael how would you feel about Violet moving in with us?" Charlotte asked after catching her breath. "Only on one condition" he said after a long pause. "And that would be?" Violet asked, looking up at Michael suddenly worried. Michael turned to meet her eyes, "you wake me up with a blowjob every morning", he whispered grinning. "Deal!"