Her first BBC

Last year my husband had a business trip out of state, and my k**s were at summer camp. I thought it would be a great week for me to get caught up on things that I have been neglecting. I was making great progress on getting my things done, then my husband called. He needed me to take some paperwork to an office in a town I wasn't familiar with 30 miles away. He said I didnt have to go today, tomorrow would be fine.I got up the next day, and thought about my trip to a different town. I thought about making a day of it and possibly doing some shopping. I checked the weather, and it said it would be a warm day. So I put on a knee length flowy skirt, tank top that shows off my D cups, and my favorite pair of cute kitten heels. I grabbed the paperwork, jumped in the car and was on my way.I got into the city and didnt have a clue where I was going. I went to reach for my cell phone, and realized I forgot it on the counter. I saw a man on the side of the road and asked him where I needed to go. He told me to go this way, turn that way, go a little farther, turn here, turn there and its on the left. As I drove on trying to find my way the part of town got a little seedy. I was seeing a lot of abandoned building, and not much activity.I turned here, turned there, and I think I'm lost. Then my car starts making a noise, bing bing bing. I look down and see the heat gauge is close to overheating. Great, just what I need, car trouble in a seedy part of town. I drive on a little farther and the car finally overheats and dies. I look around and all I see is 2 black men playing some basketball next to a building. I sit in the hot car and questions myself “what should I do” I'm lost in town I'm not familiar with, no cell phone, and my car is no broke down.I swallow my pride and decide to ask the 2 black men for some help. I step out o the car and start walking towards them. As I approach, I hear a wolf whistle, and I see them checking me out. I ask them if they can help me. They agree to assist me...thank goodness. I look around and see a small sign on the building that says auto repair. They tell me to get in the car and steer, and they will push it into the garage. As I walk back to my car I hear one of them say something about my ass. I get kinda nervous, but I'm kinda glad at the same time knowing another man thinks I have a nice ass.They get the car pushed into the garage, and pop the hood. They look around for a few minutes and find the problem. It overheated, and broke the belt. We made small talk as they worked on my car. I found myself checking out their chiseled bodies. My husband has kinda developed that middle age pouch. I have never looked at another man like I was looking at these guys. I could feel a tingle in my crotch as I admired their hard bodies. They were works of art. I noticed they kept looking at me, making quiet comments to each other. I was starting to grow a little uncomfortable, not knowing what they were saying. The one guy I'll call “A” finally said “ok, let's go to the office, we'll get you wrote up” I followed him into the office, and he sat at the desk and typed some stuff into the computer. He told me it would be $285.17. I said ok, let me go get my purse from my car. As I left the office, the other guy “B” walked by on his way into the office. I got to my car which was still parked in the garage, and looked for my purse. SHIT!! in my rush and excitement of having a day to myself I forgot my purse. It must be sitting next to my phone on the counter at home. I explained my situation to “A” and he seemed to no really buy my story. “B” could care less what kind of story I told, he kept eying me like a piece of meatI thought how and I going to get myself out of this situation. I could take one of them with me to go to a bank, hopefully my bank has a branch in town. I really didn't like the idea of taking a stranger with me in a town I didn't know. I could offer to leave my wedding ring behind as collateral so I could run to the bank. I was kinda freaking out. I sat there for a minute thinking. I asked “A” if I could call my husband, and he agreed to let me. I called, but no answer...he must be in a meeting. “A” seemed to be growing a little impatient. I threw my offers on the table, and they were not impressed. I got up and started pacing back and forth in the office trying to come up with a solution. After a few minutes of pacing “B” grabbed me pushed me up against the wall and said “ how about you fuck us” I started to tremble, partially because I was scared, and the other part was because I had this work of art black man holding me against the wall. It made my pussy tingle a lot more than it already was. I looked at him and said “I'm a happily married woman, I can't do that” Just then “A” got up from behind the desk walked over and said “yeah how about you fuck us” as he put his hands between my legs pulling them apart just enough so he could rub my pussy through my panties. I tried to close my legs, but it felt good, and he was too strong for me. “B” grabbed my other hand and held both of them against the wall above my head, and used his other hand to squeeze my breasts as he tried to kiss me. I tried to fight them off but, they were tooo strong, and had me in a spot where I couldn't do anything. “A” was stroking my pussy which was getting quite wet by now, while “B” kept trying to kiss me and paw at my tits. Thoughts of my husband ran through my head. I couldn't do this to him, I love him too much, but I was in a situation where I needed to do something. I opened my mouth to try and scream, thats when “B” stuck his tongue in my mouth and his tongue danced with mine, making my pussy even wetter. “A” grabbed one of my hands from the wall and placed it on his crotch. I couldn't believe what I was feeling. It felt like a baseball bat in his pants. I tried to pull my hand away but, he held it there making me stroke his cock through his pants, it got bigger with each stroke. “B” grabbed my tank top and pulled it down along with my bra exposing my hard nipples. He immediately broke away from our kiss and went for my extremely sensitive nipples. He started swirling his tongue around them ,nibbling, and sucking on them. I was having a moment of ecstasy . My nipples make my pussy very wet. “A” let go of my hand and undid his pants, his cock sprang out. OMG this thing is HUGE! It must be 11”. I have never seen a cock so big, my husbands is only around 6” He placed my hand back on his cock and I began to stroke it. I couldn't believe how big this thing was. “A” told “B” to let me go, so he did. “A” grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down towards the floor, and said “kiss my cock bitch”. I tried to fight it, but I wanted to kiss it. I leaned over and kissed it softly, then licked it. The salty taste from him sweating earlier outside lingered on his cock and on my lips. “B” got down on the floor and , shoved his hand between my legs to my soaking pussy. He shoved 2 fingers into my wet hole, and it sent me over the edge. I grabbed “A's” cock and started sucking it while “B's” fingers worked my wet pussy. I could only get about half of “A's” cock into my mouth but, I wanted it all. They stood me up and laid me across the desk on my back. I was trembling in fear and excitement. “A” walked around to the back side of the desk where my head was and shoved his cock back in my mouth. “B” grabbed my panties and yanked them off, and started licking my pussy. “A” grabbed my throat to hold me down and slowly tried to shove the entire length of his cock down my throat. I started gagging, and felt like I was going to puke. He said “This bitch needs to learn how to deepthroat a nigga dick” and shoved it in again. My eyes were watering, and my saliva production was in overdrive. He was relentless, and wanted his cock down my throat. “B” stopped licking my pussy and said “It's time to fuck this bitch” I felt his cock press against my wet hole. He grabbed my hips and shoved his cock into me. I tried to moan but, “A” managed to shove his massive cock down my throat. His big balls were tickling my nose. “B's” cock was buried in me so deep , he was hitting places I didn't knew existed in my body. I couldn't think about anything other than how good it felt to be filled up. “A” was fucking my throat, and “B” was fucking my pussy. “B's” cock was so big it hurt in a feel good way. I could feel my pussy stretching out to accommodate his large cock. “A” said “hey man leave some of that pussy for me” “B” said come get ya some” “A” took his cock out of my mouth and him and “B” switched places. “A” slowly slid his dick into my hole, and he kept going and going. I thought “B” had a huge cock, I was wrong. “A” was bigger in length and girth. “B” leaned over and kissed me,and our tongues danced even more. “A” started fucking me hard, again, it hurt in a feel good way. I grabbed “B's” cock and jerked on in as he kissed me and said I was now a “nigger fucker”. I didn't particularly care for the “N word”, but I didnt care what he called me, it felt so fucking good. I grabbed his cock harder and pulled it towards my mouth, I had to suck on it while “A” fucked me. “B” said “ we ought to send her home with a nigger baby in her belly, what do ya say?” I shook my head NO, and heard “A” say “yeah, we gonna breed dis bitch” Again I shook my head NO, and even stopped sucking “B's” cock and said NO! I heard “B” say “ shut up bitch you ain't got no control over it” and shoved his cock back in my mouth. I was loving the feeling of being fucked by 2 black men with huge cocks. I heard “A” say “yeah white bitch here comes some nigger babies for your pussy” just then I felt a hard powerful hit inside me, followed by several more. I couldn't believe he was cumming in me. IT FELT SO GOOD! After a few more thrusts he pulled his cock out and said “Your turn” “B” pulled his cock from my mouth and went down to fuck me. “A” stuck his cum covered cock in my mouth and I sucked our juices off of it. I t tasted so good, I almost couldn't get enough.Feeling “B” fuck my already sensitive tender cum filled pussy drove me nuts. He fucked me harder than “A” did. I started becoming quite vocal, saying things like “ fuck me nigger” “give me that big nigger dick” My words must've turned “A” on, as his shoved his cock back into my mouth and I sucked on it until it was hard again. “B” started fucking me harder and harder. The harder he fucked me the more vocal I became. I was moaning around “A's” cock in my mouth and throat. I heard “B” start to grunt, and I pulled “A's” cock out of my mouth and said “ give me that nigger cum, put it deep in my pussy, I want it all” Just then “B” started firing jets of his black DNA deep inside my white womb. I was exhausted from the furious fucking, but they weren't done. “A” went back and fucked me again, as “B” made me suck his cock. They fucked me 2 more times each that day. They were determined to pump enough cum into me that day to ensure I left with a black baby in my belly. I finally got up and left when we were done. I could hardly focus on the drive home. I was still in disbelief of what just happened. I cheated on my husband with 2 black men, not 1 but 2....and OMG what a day. I never made it to the office that day to drop off the paperwork my husband needed, but I did the next day. I even made a special side trip. I make a run to that town about once a month now, for a girls day out.