Lady Charlotte's Journal (Page Two)

I lay in my panties under the duvet, my pussy still yearning for its orgasm. Laying and playing slowly as much as I was horny I was so tired I must have dropped off. I awoke but did not open my eyes when I felt the softest touch of fingers on my forearm. I knew it was in the middle of the night and thought it was one of my two friends at first.It wasn’t! I could smell his cologne. I knew I had smelt it before, it’s just I couldn’t remember whose it was. Then I realised my hand was still inside my thong. I must have fallen asleep while I had been playing. Feeling these fingers slowly and lightly running up my arm. That same arm attached to my fingers that were even now starting to stroke gently my clit. How odd the feeling was knowing I was being touched by someone I did not know who while my fingers were making my clit so erect it felt like it was going to burst. How I wanted to just frigg it really hard and cum while he touched me without seeing his face.I had to force my fingers to be still as his hand slowly glided along my arm and was touching the waist band of my thong. I could feel his fingers like a large spider slowly creep under my waistband and along my wrist towards my fingers. My pussy was trying to devour my fingers as though it was saying come on I want you to play with me and my juices were boiling over inside me till they had started to run out of my pussy and down over my ass. It was then I heard the whisper and I knew who it was straight away. His voice was as soft as the breeze through the trees. It was her dad John. He had sneaked into my cabin and was in the process of touching my pussy again, only this time he was doing it under my thong. I tried so hard to keep my breathing under control and my fingers still. His fingers felt along my slit, stroking and entering a little way. The feeling was fantastic. I wanted to shout him to fuck me hard but I lay there quite still as his fingers slowly removed mine and then set about to work on my pussy. Fighting continually not to let him know he had power over me I lay quite still. You have to try and imagine it. Your pussy is being worked on slowly and gently using every trick you would normally play on yourself only with a lot more skill. Finally, after you can take it no more you allow your hips to lift slightly. Then the slightly becomes more and suddenly you are doing it faster. He started to kiss my ears and neck and then onto my nipples now much braver than before as though he knew either I was enjoying it that much or was too frightened to do anything. In the meantime, my back was arched and I was vibrating like a string on a large bass. His fingers were the bowSlowly the caress became less subtle and he was ramming his fingers into my pussy. For my part I was fucking his hand now for all I was worth. No quietness now as I moaned as I became closer and closer to my orgasm. I couldn’t keep quiet any longer as I screamed in orgasm, That sudden release was accompanied by the sound of his zip being pulled down. I looked not wanting to miss seeing only the second cock I had ever seen in real life. I couldn’t believe the size of it. It was at least 10” and almost as thick as a baby’s arm. He started to stroke it and my pussy which still was tingling from my orgasm was now wanting to try and devour this monster. I felt its head slowly push between my cunny lips stretching me at first and then almost ripping me while at the same time giving me an orgasm just by pushing it slowly fully inside me. Gawd it was fantastic once I felt that full monster totally inside me. John stayed still at first and then smiling and playing with my tits with one hand and my clit with the other he started to move slowly at first and then faster. Soon I was fucking him as fast as he was fucking me. I cannot put into words how exquisite it was when as I came for the umpteenth time I suddenly felt his balls tighten and he rammed deep into me and shot his load. It was like being douched with red hot water except much thicker and even gave me a cum feeling just by his cum hitting inside me. He pulled out of me and leaning towards my face kissed me and whispered tomorrow we are going to train you to please a man and many men at the same time. Me I was just exhausted but I had to enter this in my diary before I fell asleep. l awoke early and I am a little apprehensive about what Izzy’s dad has in mind to train me and while asleep dreamt a mixed-up dream of young naval officers and older men fucking me. It’s a new day and in some ways, I am excited in others nervous. Breakfast has just been delivered will write more later.PS…. The steward is tall dark and handsome, with the brightest blue eyes and has me tingling all over!================================= Di and Izzy came to my stateroom dressed in the sexiest of bikinis at 9 this morning just as I was getting into mine. Di came straight over and started to kiss my shoulders and neck. She sent shivers down my spine. Izzy not one for hanging about just pulled my bikini bottoms down and straight away was fingering my pussy lips and clit. Then sinking to her knees started to lick my pussy. It was as she tasted inside my pussy she pulled away. I didn’t know what to say so thought let’s be the mysterious one and blushing said, I was getting pretty close to an orgasm with both of them working on me. Already my juices were running out of me and Izzy was slurping up for all she was worth. My moans must have alerted the steward who had brought my tray and he pushed open the door to find me sucking and finger fucking Di.While she was doing the same to Izzy and Izzy was well on the way to making me cum. The interruption didn’t seem to faze the two others though I couldn’t have stopped even if I wanted to. He closed the door behind him and dropping his pants showed a nice hard cock. It wasn’t as big as Izzy’s dads but it was hard and thick. Pushing Di away from Izzy he plunged it hard and deep into Izzy who fairly screamed into my pussy just as I came. I gushed that much Izzy was almost drowned as the steward rammed in and out of her grunting as he suddenly forced himself in deeply and shot his load. With Izzy screaming, Di lay still fingering herself as I was tonguing her but I could tell she wanted the guys cock. As he pulled out of Izzy I switched and grabbing hold of his now flaccid cock I started to wank it. Di shouted, As I looked at the soft member in my hand I began to move my mouth forward. So, this was why Izzy called it a lunch box. First, I let my tongue tentatively touch the head. The taste was fantastic. I could taste Izzy on him but also this sort of white creaminess with a faintly salty tinge. I started to suck the head and Di said go on wank with your hand while you suck it so I did. I couldn’t believe that sucking it would make it bigger I thought maybe you blew it up but sure enough it grew harder and longer while it was in my hand and lips. The feeling of this man’s cock slipping between my lips and mixed with the taste and Di’s moaning and Izzy who was finger fucking me again was almost too much for me to bear. All of a sudden Di shouted for me to put it in her.Being honest he had started to ram it so far into my mouth it was going down my throat making it difficult for me to breathe and yet delightful at the same time. I held his tumescent manhood which seemed to throb in my hands as he tried fucking into my fist and mouth. Pulling him across to Di who was now on her hands and knees, her ass up in the air. I placed his cockhead between her lips and was fascinated to feel his cock slide between my fingers and into her hole. I had never felt anything like it as he rammed deep into her allowing me to feel his body slap against my hand. As he continued I felt first him tense up and his prick seem to grow in my fingers and then heard Di start to shout she was cumming and then his deep growl as he shouted, It didn’t seem to mean anything but the power in it, the feel as his cum shot up his cock mixed with Di’s shout almost had me cumming again. We sort of lay and Di casually told him, He dressed quietly and smiling left the cabin. As for us, I was glad we were now on the pill. We checked ourselves over and headed out to the sun deck and the pool. I could see the crew as they wandered about each checking us out surreptitiously. Izzy’s dad was on the lounger with a drink. Diving into the pool in my little black bikini I surfaced and to make sure he knew I was taunting him. I floated on my back letting him see me and all my curves. It’s sort of funny when you think, I am having sex with his daughter and he is fucking me. The thought turned me on, maybe I was becoming a pervert.We stayed on the deck sunning till we had to come and get dressed for dinner. I thought I would wear the little micro mini with my dance top which was more like a bra and nice thong to lunch. More later when I have something to write. I am a bit disappointed as Izzy’s Dad John has made no move to get in touch with me. So much for training me to please a man. Still not sure what he meant about the many men either. Di and Izzy haven’t mentioned who I was fucking just as well as my disappointment in him not trying to speak may have boiled over.Though I probably wouldn’t really as I may lose my two bestest friends. I have decided to put on my little black Versace Cocktail dress for dinner, it’s a little small and so my tits will really stand out. I know he kept looking at me but I want John to want me. Just so I can refuse him you understand for not trying to be with me. Dinner was excellent, a normal Independence Day celebration. Watching that young naval officer was great though, Di and Izzy seem to have a competition to see which of those two can get him into bed first seeing as I have told them it wasn’t him that had fucked me on that first night. John still has me disappointed. He has spent all the time flirting with this older woman, the cow! I wanted to scratch her eyes out.