Mr Watson

The next morning I went in, he was very quite and hardly spoke, after I had written up all the papers and was about to go and do my round, he called me into the back room, Have you told anyone about yesterday...No I replied, good he said its our secret, if you like those mags, then you will love the cine films I have upstairs, would you like to see some, yes I said, Good then come straight after school no need to change, tell your mum you are staying at school late .. I did exactly that.I belted out the school gates and ran to his flat, he opened the door come and walked straight in to the front room, he had pulled the curtains, and there was a sofa and chair, I sat in the chair, he handed me a can of light ale beer and sat on the sofa near to me, cheers he said your a real man now, drinking beer and wanking, and he laughed. He showed me 3 films you choose, we watched a film where one woman was a landlady, and slept with 3 of her tenants while her hubby spied on them, she wore black seamed stockings, and I remember him saying how he loved his wife to wear them, as he put the film on he pressed play, and it appeared up on the wall, come sit here so you can see it properly, and he moved along the sofa, making room for me to sit beside him, I did as I was told then he stood up and dropped his jeans, and said you should do the same dont want your mum finding any stains do you , and he laughed as I stood up and took my trousers and pants off, he slipped his jeans and then tshirt off, he was naked except for his socks. so i copied him. He handed me a tissue, it took awhile for the "action" to start so he started telling me he fancied a few women who came into the shop, and that he had had sex with a few of them, (it was all lies) but it was enough for me to get hard,I saw him staring at my cock, you ever been wanked off by someone, he knew I hadnt ok lean back close your eyes and think off the sexiest girl in your class, he took my hand off my cock, he was whispering, now relax, and does this feel nice, I felt his hand around my cock, slowly stroking me, that nice, now I am going to get that sexy girl to run her tongue along your cock, he licked the tip of my cock he soon took me in and I quickly emptied my load into his mouth, before the landlady had shagged the second tenant, he licked me clean,,, oh wow I heard him say, you loved that I could tell, did you enjoy it, I did that felt really good I said , would you do it for me, its only fair I heard him say, its just between us, man to man thing our secret.. so I did as I was told I stroked his cock, it felt huge in my hand, as I started he said can you get dressed just in case June walks in. (his wife) so I did as I was told and put my uniform on ( he was still naked ) as I got dressed he turned the light on, now look at her , the landlady was bent over the bed being taken from behind by one of the tenants, quick on your knees, I knelt in front of him as I tried to do the same as he did to me, I licked the tip but he was ready and forced my head down on his hard cock, and mouth fucked me he came fairly quickly which to me was a relief as he was hurting me, swallow it I heard him sternly say, cannot make any mess now lick me clean...I did as I was told.. good boy he said . call me daddy.. say thank you daddy I did . would you like to do this again next week, I did and for many,many weeks after I would run out of the school gate to the flat, each week doing more to please him, even dressing in stocking and suspenders that were far to big for me, I would stocking wank him, and his friend Clive. There is more let me know if you would like more