Random stranger in a park

So here I am, parked in a lonely lot just off the highway waiting for something to happen. But nothing will happen unless I make it happen. I see a young man, about 22 or so, wearing a goofy hat just sitting in his car looking like he is waiting for something to happen too. I notice he is smoking a joint so I smile at him. He looks nervous and smiles back. I look around to see who else is in this park. Seems there is one car besides our two and a couple on a bike that looks like they are leaving. The third car has a couple in it that is setting off on a trail. Here’s hoping they are gone for a bit. I am sick just thinking about what I am about to do and wondering what kind of man could love a woman like me that would go out looking for a cock to suck. The nerves are bad but at the same time I am getting turned on by it all. Our windows are both rolled down. The young man smiles at me and asked "what are you up to?" to which I reply in a voice that seems not to be mine…. "Looking for you". He blushes and fumbles with what he is doing in his lap. Then turns to me blankly and repeats "looking for me?" I nod and smile. Why are you looking for me? He is wondering as he asks me the same…. I tell him, "I think that you are cute, and I would like to know if you have a good-looking cock to match". At this point my palms are sweating and I feel a bit dizzy and expect him to drive off thinking I am some sort of loon! But instead he just grins wildly and says. "I think it is pretty decent looking" "Hmmm" I say, "I only like pretty cocks, feel like showing me yours?" There is a momentary pause, who knows what he is thinking about but whatever it is it is causing one eyebrow to raise up, and he asks, "right here, right now?" and I say "why not, you are clean, right?" He nodded yes intently. I open my car door, step out and lock it up behind me, a bit concerned to have locked my purse in it in a park where I am basically alone and defenceless, and move towards his car. " Do you wanna get in?" he asks. I say "no, not a good idea, how about we take a walk" He didn’t hesitate to get out of his car and lock it up. I started walking, only looking back once to be sure he hasn’t bolted. I wander near a group of trees while this strange young man followed close behind. I find a spot where I can see my car and the road coming in, so as not to be surprised by anyone. "Right here is good," I say as I push him gently up against a tree. He is almost shaking at this point with my body pressed up against him. I run my hand over his crotch and comment on how hard it was. He didn’t say a word, he just ran his hands down my back, onto my ass and then followed my cheeks down till they end. Had I known this would be the only time he tried to touch me I would have been more vocal about it! I ask him to show me what he has in his pants. He is a deer caught in the headlights but manages to get his button undone, fly unzipped, and his pants low enough to show me what he had… It wasn’t anything to write home about but at least it wasn’t ugly. I smile at him and tell him that he was correct, it was a good looking cock and that I wondered how long it would last in my mouth. As I drop slowly to my knees on the grass I hear him say in a quiet voice, "Oh my god, I haven’t had a blow job in three years, my girlfriend is bad at it so I don’t let her anymore." So now in my head I know I have to make this an even more memorable moment. I start licking the tip and his legs start to tremble. I run my tongue up and down his shaft and I hear his gasp. I am hoping he will be a bit forceful and at least pull my hair, pinch my nipples, or play with my tits, but really he just stood there, taking it all in. I would have enjoyed him trying to choke me a bit with his cock but instead he did little and said even less. No matter though, the fact that he was trembling and staring at me in disbelief was almost enough for me. I took him deep into my mouth, licked his shaft and stroked him gently for a time. Fast then slow, deeper and deeper then just stroking with one hand while cupping his balls. I was so wet, dripping in fact, but refrained from fingering my pussy. This was just a blowjob and I didn’t want to get caught up in playing with myself and loose interest in this young cock. I sucked him and stroked him until he let out an "Oh god, I don’t ever want it to end!" To which I said, "sorry hun but I will have to get home at some point." He continued to shake and I could tell that he was getting close by the arching of his back and quickened breath, so I told him politely to "cum in my mouth." His breath actually stopped upon hearing my words and it took no more that ten strokes after hearing me tell him to cum that he shot his load down my throat. I leaned back afterwards to see the look on his face, he was definitely smiling and bewildered by it all. I proceeded to lick my fingers clean of his cum while watching him right himself. "That was amazing" was all he could mutter and I thanked him for letting me have my way with him. He smiled as I began walking towards my car and following behind me said, " I am off at the same time tomorrow". I just laughed and told him to have a wicked night, got into my car and drove off.