Strangers on the train (3)

That first evening, Marisa and Emma went out together for what they called a bit of serious mother-daughter time; from what I could tell that would involve little more than a pizza and a couple of drinks together, but if my experience that afternoon had taught me anything, it was that Marisa had a habit of making things happen in unexpected ways.Meanwhile, Lucy and I decided to have a drink together in the hotel bar after my first evening's engagement. Fortunately, the work, if you could call it that, didn't take long as it was just a case of standing around and chatting a bit, “networking” I suppose you'd call it. But most of the delegates were tired after their journeys there, so I was free to meet Lucy shortly after ten that evening.Now, I hadn't really paid much attention to Lucy before, what with all the naughty things Marisa and I had been getting up to and the fact that she had been sitting next to me on the train, so I couldn't really take a good look at her. But now that we were alone together, I could see just what an oriental beauty she really was: tall and slim with shoulder-length straight black hair and almond eyes so dark they were like sparkling coal. Her lovely olive skin was perfectly unblemished, and she had the high cheek-bones, snub nose and flat features of a typical Chinese beauty.On the train, Lucy had been wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but tonight she'd changed into a blue floaty cotton print dress with a scooped neck, and she looked just gorgeous – the guys in the bar kept glancing surreptitiously at her, and I can't say I blame them.“So, Lucy,” I said as we sipped our cocktails at the bar, “How does it feel to be young and fancy-free in Europe? I really envy you all that youthful energy and the promise of new experiences.”She looked at me with those gorgeous almond eyes and I'm sure I detected a touch of sadness in them. “Oh, I don't know,” she sighed. “I don't think I'm a typical girl of my generation at all. I don't chase after boys, I won't let them make out with me, I feel too pressured if I'm with a guy and he starts coming on a bit too hard. I just feel I'm letting opportunities slip away simply because I'm not the kind of girl who gives it up on a first date. In fact ...” She paused and bit her lower lip, almost with embarrassment. “Can I tell you something, Alice?”“Of course, sweetie. I want you to feel that you're completely safe with me.”“I've never gone further than kissing a guy. I've had guys try to feel me up while kissing me, and I've felt a penis hard against my leg, but only when the two of us were still dressed. I've never had intimate relationships at all, not in a physical sense. Does that make me weird?”“Of course not, honey. You have to take things at your own pace. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. Look, why don't we go back to my room and see if we can explore this a bit further?”She smiled up at me and nodded in agreement. “Okay, let's go. It doesn't seem right to be talking about such things here anyway.”We took the elevator back to my room, and on the way I made a point of touching her hand lightly, hoping to relax her and to make her feel comfortable with me physically. It must have worked because by the time we reached my room she was happily holding my hand and even gently squeezing it in response to my own pressure on her fingers.Once inside, we sat next to each other and I took up where we had left off in the bar. “So, Lucy, does it bother you that you've never had sex or intimate physical contact with a man?”“Not really, but everyone else seems to be doing it, I just wonder if I'm missing out. Like I say, I don't want to be made to do something I'm not ready for. And I guess that most of the world thinks that young American women are ready to hand their pussy on a plate to anyone who asks for it.”I laughed. “Yeah, well you shouldn't believe all the things you read and see on the internet – I bet most of those girls who boast about their conquests are indulging in a little wish-fulfilment.”“Yeah, I'm sure you're right. But I guess the longer I leave it, the more worked up I get about it. It gets to be like a spiral of self-flagellation.”“Oh, honey,” I sighed, “Don't beat yourself up. You just need to learn to feel comfortable with your body, at ease with yourself. I can probably help you a bit there.”“That would be good, Alice. I'd really like that.”“But tell me, how do you feel about touching and playing with other girls? Does that make you uncomfortable, too?”“Alice! I'm not a lesbian, if that's what you mean!”“No, I didn't mean that at all. But sometimes it's easier to touch and feel another girl, there's no aggression, no risk. And girls are so soft to kiss and touch. Did you never think about it?”“No, not at all. Though I did like it when we held hands just now.”“We can do that again, if you like.”She said nothing but tentatively reached out to hold my hand.“There,” I said. “I like that too. Your hands are so soft and your fingers so long and slender. They were just made for kissing.” And so saying I raised her fingers to my lips and kissed them one by one. “We can try something else, if you're ready. We could just watch a sexy video together. Would you fancy that, do you think?”“Yes, why not. What did you have in mind? I should tell you, and you'll be even more surprised by this, I've never actually watched a porn film. It just never occurred to me.”“My, you have got a lot to learn, haven't you? Look, here's one I think you'll like.”I opened up my tablet and logged into my favourite porn site and chose one of the videos I really like. I though it was especially suitable because it featured a white woman and an Asian girl together. If you want to watch along with us, you'll find it here: As we sat side by side watching this older woman make love to her hot friend, sensually kissing her and then exploring her body, I could sense Lucy getting more and more turned on. She snuggled into me and as I put my arm round her shoulders she let her hand move to my thigh where she could start stroking it. When the older woman started licking the young girl's pussy, Lucy gasped as she realised what was going on.“It's alright, Lucy,” I said soothingly, “It's quite natural. And I can tell you it feels amazing. One day you're really gonna have to try it.”“Well, it's surely making me feel horny right now, Alice. I really want to touch myself while we watch.”“How about I touch you instead? That would give me a lot of pleasure.”We didn't speak for a few moments after that as Lucy gently pulled down her panties and let me slide my fingers over her wet pussy. God, she was wet! I moved my finger up and down her slit and kissed and nibbled her ear at the same time. She was still watching the video, but her breathing was getting more and more laboured as my fingers, wet with her juices, slipped in between her pussy lips and then up to the hard point of her clit. I rubbed it for her and her hips bucked under me. It didn't take long for her to reach the verge of climaxing, and with just a little more pressure on her clit from me she came with a long groan, pushing my hand down onto her pussy. Her legs squeezed together and she spasmed in orgasm.“Oh, Alice, that was beautiful. Thank you so much.”“No need to thank me, honey. The pleasure was all mine. What did you think of the film, then?”“Yeah, it was hot. I liked it when the younger girl licked out the woman, too. Her first experience, I guess. But one thing I was wondering about.”“What was that, sweetie?”“Well, they both seem to have shaved pussies – no hair at all. Is that normal as well?”“It depends. Girls shave or not depending on how they feel. There are good reasons for shaving and there are good reasons for just letting it grow. One of the lovely things about a hairy pussy is that you can keep the smell of sweet spunk there for hours after you've had a hot session with a guy. If your man shoots and leaves lots of cum in your hairy bush then you can always dip your fingers in there and get a smell of that lovely sweet cum to remind you of what you've been up to. It's a real treat for me to slip my fingers inside my panties, to run my fingers through my pussy hair and to come away with the still slightly sticky feel of recently ejaculated cum, which always seems to smell and taste sweet and fresh. I love it.”“Like you're carrying around a bit of him with you?”“Yes, but better, because no-one knows what you're doing. On the other hand, a completely shaved and bald pussy has all the allure of a fresh young girl and is guaranteed to drive your man wild. He will see and feel the naked cunt of a pure virginal c***d and will stay hard for hours as he fucks you till you want no more. There's a lot to be said for the innocent and untouched look. Besides, it makes you feel so free and fresh, your pussy exposed and naked for all the world to see. It feels pretty good too – cool and wet at the same time, just waiting for a willing tongue to lick it or a hot finger to stroke it and tease those juicy pussy lips apart.”“That sounds amazing, too. I like the sound of that even better, I think.”“Do you want me to shave your pussy for you? Turn you into an innocent young girl again? The guys will love it, and so will the girls.”“Ooh, yes please.”I went to the bathroom for my special pussy-trimming kit. I lathered the soap and spread it on Lucy's hairy pussy as she spread her legs for me. She moaned slightly as I rubbed the foam into her skin. With my razor I gently slid down and removed a small strip of hair. Her body tingled as the friction from the blade ate into her pubic hair.And so, slowly, piece by piece, hair by hair, I removed the thick bush from around her pussy and left her as bald and bare as the day she was born. There was still quite a bit of foam around, of course, so I took my flannel and gently washed it away, revealing Lucy's beautifully shaved pussy in all its natural glory.When I'd washed it all away and dried her up, I leaned down and gently kissed her sweet mound, her puffy pussy lips just waiting for the feel of my mouth, lips and tongue.“Do you like that, sweetie?” I asked. Though the question was quite needless, as she had thrown her head back and was letting out gasps and sighs as my tongue worked on her sweet Asian pussy. I spread the lips of her cunt wide so that my tongue could probe deep inside her hot, wet hole. And as I tongue-fucked her, I could feel my own orgasm building, even though I wasn't touching myself!”When she came, Lucy flooded my mouth with her sweet, delicious juice, and I just lapped it all up. One finger on my own cunt was enough to make me cum too and soon we were two very happy girls, kissing and tasting each other after our first hot love-making session.“That was amazing, Alice,” she said at last. “And my shaved pussy feels so good, especially after all that attention.”“I'm glad, honey. And now let's move on to round two – are you ready?”A wicked smile played across her lips. “I'm more than ready, lover. And I want to give you the kind of pleasure you gave me.”“That's my girl,” I sighed contentedly. “Let's see what you've learned from watching that video!”I can happily say that Lucy was a very quick learner. And a very attentive lover. As I'll tell you next time. If you can wait that long.